Detroit Zoo Staff Visit Their 
Beloved Elephant, Wanda
Detroit Zoo keeper Mary Wulff assists elephant foot care consultant Alan Roocroft as he examines Wanda's foot during a visit to ARK 2000 last week. 
Cooperation Between
Zoos and Sanctuaries
When Detroit Zoo made the controversial decision to send two Asian elephants, Winky and Wanda, to ARK 2000, they also made a commitment to assist and support PAWS in the care of the elephants.
For the past four-and-a-half years, staff, veterinarians and administrators from the zoo have visited their beloved elephants and provided financial support.
Dr. Ann Duncan, Detroit Zoo veterinarian, was with us when Winky, the older of the two elephants, died last year, and continues to assist us with the ongoing foot care that is necessary for Wanda, who is now 54 years old and plagued with foot problems.


Last week, Dr. Duncan, Mary Wulff, one of Wanda's keepers from Detroit, and Alan Roocroft, world renowned consultant on elephant foot care, visited Wanda and evaluated her condition. Wanda loved the extra attention and the doting care of her old friend, Mary, who kept her engaged in the protected contact training "game." Mary is one of the best at enticing elephants to submit to necessary examinations, and Wanda rumbled and chirped through the process. At one point Gypsy wandered over to share Wanda's attention, and Wanda actually pushed her out of the way!


The health of the older elephants, who have chronic medical problems, is a daily concern for the elephant staff and supervisors at ARK 2000. Collaboration with specialists from progressive zoos like Detroit provides welcome information and educational benefits for all of us.


To view a video of the Detroit Zoo's staff visit to ARK 2000, and Wanda's foot care, please follow this link.




Summit for the Elephants

March 25, 26, 27

PAWS ARK 2000, San Andreas, CA


$225 to attend all three days

$150 for students to attend all three days


$100 to attend one day only

(Thursday, Friday or Saturday)

$75 for students to attend one day only


A tentative list of panels to be included during this 3-day conference are:


Progressive Zoos and Animal Welfare


Circus Bans: International


USA Circus Investigations


The Rescue of Tina and Jewel

How Protected Contact Training

Advances Animal Welfare


AZA Elephant Standards


Bull Elephants in Peril


Enforcement by USDA


When Are Lawsuits Warranted?


Wild Elephants in Peril


Thailand Elephants: Importation Dangers

Additional panels and confirmed speakers will be announced as the information becomes available. If you would like to pre-register now, contact Kim Gardner at (916) 488-3991 or email
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Progressive Zoos and Protected Contact Management

When Protected Contacted Management was developed, a huge window of opportunity opened for zoos to care for captive elephants without the brutal training methods which involved the use of bull hooks, chains and other physical punishment.
Today, several zoos, like Oakland and San Diego (more info here), care for elephants using  positive reinforcement, and keepers work cooperatively with elephants who are allowed freedom of choice for the first time in their lives.
This program engenders respect for the elephants as individuals and eliminates the brutality which is still the cornerstone of many zoos and all circuses.

What you can
do to help:

1. When you visit a zoo, check for bull hooks whenever you see elephants. Ask about the zoo's training methods, and be vocal about your objection to free contact management (use of bullhooks and dominance to train elephants).

2. Do not attend circuses using animals, and protest those that do.
3. Help spread the word. ANIMALS DO NOT BELONG IN CIRCUSES! (Check our Web site for additional information, flyers, and t-shirts.)



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You are cordially invited to join PAWS founders and directors, Pat Derby and Ed Stewart, for a benefit brunch to Save Bull Elephants, on Sunday, January 31, 2010, from 2 to 5 p.m., at Bistro K, 30100 Town Center Drive in Laguna Nigel, California.


A vegetarian brunch buffet will be served, an auction to benefit the elephants will be held, and Pat and Ed will be speaking and giving a video presentation.


Tickets for the event are $75 each, or $100 for 2, with all proceeds benefiting the elephants.
Please make your prepaid reservations no later than January 25th. Call the PAWS office at (209) 745-2606 to reserve. For more information email Kim Gardner at
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