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Instant "Ahah!"s #8:  Sharing Your Day = Instant Intimacy

From Increased Intimacy to Increased Sensuality/Sexuality

 Dr. Kathy McGuire, Director                                Week 3


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Setting Up "Dates" To Insure Opportunity


Instant "Ahah!" # 8: "Sharing Your Day" will increase intimacy, sensuality, the desire for sexual closeness. However, even in the best of relationships, keeping sexuality alive seems to be aided by "making dates," setting up specific times as protected space for sexual intimacy.


Remember, within a set up time, you can be as spontaneous as you want. Some people may find a certain routine creates a ritual "Sacred Space," for others it may be important that "anything can happen." However, once the early romance is over, and especially when jobs and children and chores and TV can gobble up all available time, it is important to set up "dates" (just like when you were first getting to know each other) which guarantee an opportunity for sexual intimacy to arise.


The longer couples go without having sex, the harder it can become to bridge that gap. And having sex really does increase intimacy for some people, rather than the other way around (increased intimacy increasing sexual desire). So, many couples find that aiming for two to three sexual encounters per week, along with daily"Sharing Your Day," can be optimum for keeping the sexual channel open in the midst of busy lives.


Even including lighting candles, starting music, doing massage to increase sensuality, 45 minutes to an hour can be plenty of time for a wonderful sexual encounter. In the beginning, it may be important to allow more time to take away pressure. But having a wonderful, memorable "date" takes little enough time that couples can make a commitment to fit that time into their schedules.


Erotic Equality: Untangling Sexual Desire


So, one partner might say, "Two to three times a week! But I hardly ever feel like having sex!" and the other might say, "Two or three times a week! That is nowhere near enough times to meet my need!" And upon this difference in sexual desire many relationships have foundered.


Here are some possible solutions. They are based in the ideas of equality and negotiation basic to the entire Creative Edge Focusing model. However, for some people, they may break sexual taboos, so, if you are uncomfortable with these suggestions, feel free to stop reading! These are all links to Dr. McGuire's blogs:


Erotic Massage To Increase Desire

This four weeks, the exercise is to be done between committed partners, friends, family members. It is a basis for keeping intimacy alive in long-term relationships. I will also share what I know about how this intimate sharing can carry over into increased sensuality/sexuality.
instant "ahah!" 8


Sharing Your Day : Instant  Intimacy


Kathleen McGuire, Ph.D., 2007

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Time = Love


     With your significant other: Every day, and I mean religiously, set aside about 40 minutes to sit down and "share your day." Get a drink or a snack or go in the hot tub -an uninterrupted space away from other family members. It might only take 20 minutes, but it is ideal to have plenty of time available.


     At a separate time, you can also do this with your children, each person having an uninterrupted turn.


Just Warm, Silent Attention: No Interruptions, No Criticism


      Each person gets to talk without interruption, refreshing in his/her own mind and describing to the other the events of the day, usually in chronological order, often starting with the night before: anxieties, dreams. The speaker gets to share every event of the day which rises to consciousness, no matter how trivial it seems. This can easily take about twenty minutes


     The other person simply listens quietly, not saying a word (Well, maybe an occasional "Wow!" or "How interesting!" or "Oh, no!" or "Yikes!").


    Then, when the first speaker is done, it is the other person's turn - same deal: No interruptions, no opinions, no judgments.


No Problem Solving


     And no problem solving. At least initially, save problem solving for another time, or do it before or after.  Too easily, problem solving can eat up the sharing space, and intimacy is lost. Problem solving can also bring up conflicts, not wanted in this sharing space. And fear of problem solving can make people dread sharing time, instead of looking forward to this peaceful, intimate lull in a busy day.


Intimacy = Sharing


     That's it!!!  You will thoroughly understand what your significant other does all day, the frustrations, the tedium, the other people in his or her world, the small joys, the conflicts, the stresses, the successes, the low points, the high points.  And each person will feel that their life is valid and valuable, no matter how trivial or repetitious it may seem to be.


     Over time, you will get to know each other intimately, and this intimacy will carry over into other areas of your shared life. Intimacy increases sensuality and sexuality between partners. Intimacy also leads children to turn to their parents when needing help.


     Instant "Ahah!" s 2 and 3 show how to use both passive and active listening for problem solving. But, here, you are using passive listening simply to let your partner or child be the center of attention. At the same time, the speaker becomes the "center of attention" to him- or her-self, taking the time to fully receive his or her day.

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