August 2012
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  • Wipf and Stock
  • EP Board Meeting
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  • New Endorsers
  • Signs of the Times
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 Jesus said to them, "I am the bread of life. Whoever comes to me will never be hungry, and whoever believes in me will never be thirsty."

John 6:35

Three New Pamphlets Now Available
At our recent Gathering, printed copies of the three newest releases in the Ekklesia Project Pamphlet Series were distributed. All three are now available as downloads from the EP Website. They are:
 All eighteen pamphlets in the series continue to be available as free downloads on the EP Website.


Koinonia Farm to Celebrate 70th Anniversary!
2012 is a landmark year for our friends at Koinonia. Not only will they celebrate 70 years of mission and service, but 2012 also marks 100 years since the birth of founders Clarence and Florence Jordan. Accordingly,
they plan a full month of celebration, beginning September 28-29 with
the Clarence Jordan Symposium for which President Jimmy & Mrs. Rosalynn Carter are serving 
as Honorary Chairs. Use the link above to register, or to read about the impressive list of speakers and workshop leaders who will be participating.
You can read about other special anniversary events, including the Koinonia Family Reunion, hereOur congratulations and best wishes go to director Bren Dubay (a regular participant in our gatherings) and all of our other dear friends at Koinonia!
New Initiatives at Wipf and Stock

Our friends at Wipf and Stock have launched two new initiatives. The first is a blog titled "Running Heads" written by their editors. Those who are left thirsting for more after reading Rodney Clapp's columns for The Christian Century can find more of them on the new blog. 
Wipf and Stock is also collaborating with the quarterly journal Image on a new literary imprint, titled "Slant." Gregory Wolfe, editor of Image, notes that the focus of Slant will be fiction "that explores the mysteries of the human heart-the nature of desire; the pain and the hope buried in our brokenness; our fear of, and longing for, communion with the other. And we believe the best way to approach such mysteries is indirectly, through the prism of metaphor and richly drawn characters."
Highlights of EP Summer Board Meeting:
  • Remembered with thanksgiving the life and witness of Nancy Bullock, secretary of the board and beloved friend.
  • Offered our gratitude and best wishes to Stan Wilson as he ended his term on the board. (But we don't plan to let him get far . . . .) 
  • Welcomed our newest member of the board, Jim McCoy. Very glad to have Jim's wisdom to draw on in the coming years.
  • Celebrated Chi-Ming Chien's willingness to serve as secretary of the board in fulfillment of the remainder of Nancy's term.
  • Continued our continuing discussion of whether to instigate a new EP book series now that The Christian Practice of Everyday Life series has been officially concluded.
  • Engaged in extensive discussion of next year's Gathering Theme (tentatively titled: "Learning War No More: Practicing Peace in the Church and the World").
  • Firmed up plans for February board meeting at Church of the Servant King in Eugene, OR.

 Debra Dean Murphy,

Board Chair

Jeff Reed

Meet the EP: Jeff Reed


Jeff Reed is an aquatic research ecologist and part-time theologian living in Alexandria, Minnesota (just up the road from Lake Wobegon).  He finds living on the edge of the Great Plains to be a blessing and considers the prairie to be one of God's greatest gifts.  Jeff is married to Jeanne and they have three children, Sarah, Anthony, and Will.  Raised Presbyterian in Winneconne, Wisconsin, Jeff is currently a member of the Alexandria United Methodist Church and is also a candidate for ordination as a deacon in the UMC.  He studied at the University of Wisconsin and Auburn University and currently oversees Minnesota's long-term ecological monitoring program of the state's aquatic resources.  He is most interested in the effects human activity (mainly agriculture and watershed development) has on lakes.  He recently completed studies at St. John's University in Collegeville, MN where he earned two M.A. degrees in Theology, one in Scripture and the other in Liturgy.  Not surprising his research interests in liturgy center on baptism and the sacramental nature of water.  Jeff has been fortunate to work with Seeing the Word, a program based on illuminations from the St. John's Bible that uses visio divina to draw people into reflection on scripture. 


Growing up in Wisconsin Jeff was greatly influenced by the writings of Aldo Leopold and he still finds Leopold central to any discussions of ecological sustainability and agrarianism.  While a fan of Wendell Berry, he also sees the need for local voices in discussions about sustainability and agrarianism; to that end, the writings of Minnesota writer Paul Gruchow have had a great influence on him.  His theology has been shaped by the writings of Dom Virgil Michel, the monks of St. John's Abbey, liturgical scholars Gordon Lathrop and Don Saliers, and most certainly Stanley Hauerwas.  Jeff discovered the EP when a Google search for a research paper turned up Ragan Sutterfield's God's Grandeur: The Church in the Economy of Creation.  Jeff attended the EP gathering this past July and is now totally hooked.

New EP Endorsers: 


This month, we begin something new: a listing of everyone who has endorsed The Ekklesia Project in the last month. Some background on this decision: at the beginning, 'endorsing' was carefully chosen as a way to affirm publicly one's willingness to be known by the company one keeps--a crowd gathered around the Declaration and Invitation of EP, now summarized as a fourfold claim. Our first pamphlet, A School for Subversive Friendship: The Ekklesia Project,was printed with the names of all endorsers. That original intent of bearing public witness to shared conviction continues now in the list of Endorsers on our website. Yet now only Endorsers can see that list of Endorsers (this to prevent internet 'spiders' from grabbing our contact data for spam), a situation that considerably mutes any notion of public witness. 'Meet the EP,' running here and then archived on our website, is visible to any and all, but not every EP endorser gets profiled in that way. 


So here are the new Endorsers:


Gail Cromack (California)

John Wymer (Nebraska)

Ryan Dowell Baum (Iowa)

Travis Curtice (Arkansas)

Signs of the Times: There is No "They"
by J.R. Daniel Kirk

"There is no they, only us.

I got a reminder of this today, an uncomfortable reminder that I probably needed to hear.

There is no "they."

This is what I told the guy at the hardware store."

Anarchism & Christianity Gathering 2012

Our friends in the Jesus Radicals will co-host (in partnership with Area 51) the tenth radicals Anarchism and Christianity gathering in Charlotte, North Carolina, this coming weekend, August 11-12.  Those who might wish to participate can find  more information here.