The Ekklesia Project
Dear Friend:
I write with two requests.
First, would you be interested in hosting a 'local conversation' to continue the conversation we began at Gathering 2009? If so, might you be interested in hosting or convening that conversation?  If the answer to either question is "yes," please send me an email reply. (One of the suggestions that came out of our time together was that persons might want to continue the conversation. This email initates an effort to make that happen.)
 Second, will you seek kindness on relation to my technological incompetence?  Apparently more than 50 of you took our Gathering 2009 survey (thanks to Chris Smith for helping me design it and for uploading it). Unfortunagely, when I tried to view the results for the first time, I carelessly hit the delete results button instead of the view results button. Then, when asked if I really wanted to I hit yes rather than no. So, it appears that I may have permanently deleted you good feedback. We should know for sure if there is a way to recover the data in the next few days. If not, I will be sending a request to you to consider retaking the survey. If I do need to do that, please consider going the second mile.  And again, I am so sorry to all who put in quality time responding the first time.
Brent Laytham
Coordinator, The Ekklesia Project
5320 N. Christiana Ave
Chicago, IL  60625
773-428-5745 cell