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Correction and More
When did it become 2008? Our apologies to the Jesus Radicals for sending you information on last summer's conference. They are indeed hosting a conference this summer: It will be in Columbus, Ohio, August 15-16th. The title of the conference is "Another World is Necessary: Anarchism, Christianity and the Race from the White House." Click here for complete information or contact Nekeis ha Alexis-Baker.

In the meantime, we are delighted that our friends at the Cornerstone Festival took us up on our offer to share the news and sent us information on their summer seminar. The Cornerstone 2008 seminar schedule is now online. The program includes EPers Bill Cavanaugh and Michael Budde as well as those like Miroslav Volf and Shane Claiborne that EP endorsers might find of interest.

They have also posted their film and pop culture-related programs. "The Imaginarium" will be doing a theme called "Hail, Britannia!" on (somewhat subversively) empire. And "Flickerings" will make connections with Miroslav Volf's presentations and offer a program on Balkan Cinema, with other films on reconciliation.

So, again, our apologies to Jesus Radicals. Please do send us your own news of summer conferences, seminars, and other gatherings.

Therese Lysaught

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