September 2007

The Check's / Bill's in the Mail
The mail has brought blessing and embarrassment this past month. Just this week came a check from our friends at The Simple Way "with lots of love." They wrote that they believe that The Ekklesia Project is one of "the fresh things the Spirit is up to in the world." And so, I think, are they.

Now the embarrassment. A large bill for Gathering 2007 was lost in the mail. So our report in last month's newsletter that we were $6000 in the black was in error. In the end, we were a bit over $2,000 in the black, which will all go toward the room deposit for next year's gathering.

Meet the EP
Vince Amlin is a member of the United Church of Christ and a Masters of Divinity student at the University of Chicago- two things that perhaps make him an unusual candidate for the EP. He came to this summer's gathering at the suggestion of Professor Hauerwas as part of a Ministry Fellowship from the Fund for Theological Education. This fellowship allowed him to design a summer project to deepen his future ministry. Vince's original project centered around different models of church-world interaction. Though he had just spent 3 weeks on a Catholic Worker farm in upstate New York, once he came to the Gathering he knew that he had to explore "Church as Kingdom" for the rest of the summer. FTE was gracious enough to allow him to rewrite his project, and he is presently preparing to leave for Church of the Servant King in Eugene, OR after visiting for several weeks with Englewood Christian Church in Indianapolis. For Vince, the EP Gathering felt like a homecoming where he was able to reconnect with his call to ministry and he is looking forward to next year.

Two reviews from Jon Stock
Two recommendations this month. One is a collection of Moral Theology essays entitled Gathered for the Journey published by Eerdmans ($28). The books features several essays by EP endorsers, including "Love and Liturgy" by Therese Lysaught, "Jesus Christ, Scripture, and Ethics" by David Matzko McCarthy, "Pilgrim People" by Bill Cavanaugh. Also contributing are Kelly Johnson and Tobias Winright.

Brian Rosner, senior lecturer in New Testament and ethics at Moor Theological College, has written a provocative biblical study, Greed as Idolatry. Rosner works in the best tradition of biblical scholarship by bringing the biblical text home, forcing usto confront our attitude towards money and material possessions. By exploring the Pauline phrase "greed is idolatry", Rosner pushes the reader to take this Pauline vice far more seriously than many of us do. (Eerdmans $22)

And Now ... Gathering Videos
The Gathering videos are now available at the website under What We Do - Gathering - 2007 Gathering. Or just click the hot link.

From the editor
One of those "I wish I could remember who said it" lines I have quoted frequently over the years goes: "the opposite of faith is not doubt; it is fear." Those who share that understanding were hardly shocked to learn that Mother Teresa harbored doubts and expressed them freely. Brian Volck has posted a link to a thoughtful and insightful review of Mother Teresa's book, Come be my Light, on the EP website. You can go directly to that review here.

John McFadden, editor

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