November 2006
bLOGOS: The New Ekklesia Online

The EP webzine, Ekklesia Online, has been transformed! Not only has it been renamed as bLOGOS but Brian Volck, long the main contributor, has been joined by a team of Thoughtful writers committed to posting each month. In addition to Brian's theologically-astute reflections, bLOGOS will feature regular contributions from Tobias Wainwright, James K. A. (Jamie) Smith, and Debra Dean Murphy.

Click on bLOGOS for recent reflections on Darfur, the Amish school shootings, just-war assessments of the war in Iraq, and the death penalty.

Meet EP endorsers
Michael Bowling is a new EP board member and is the senior pastor of Englewood Christian Church in Indianapolis, Indiana, where he has served for 13 years. In that time, he has helped lead the congregation in building a community of faith that reaches out to its neighbors to bear witness to the Kingdom of God. A panel of Englewood members participated in last summer's EP gather to demonstrate how a congregation works together to embody the convictions and virtues at the heart of the EP

Michael and his spouse, Lisa are both originally from Elizabethton, TN, and have been married for 31 years. They have four sons and nine grandchildren. Michael also serves on one the pastor-scholar teams in EP's Congregational Formation Initiative.

Gathering 2006
Gathering 2006, held in July at DePaul University, was our largest yet, with 188 registered participants and several guests. We rocked with the Psalters, heard reports from congregations, and reflected together on art, icons, improvisation, and fasting. An online evaluation form for the gathering is available at the EP webzine: we would greatly appreciate feedback as we plan for next summer's Gathering.

Gathering 2007 will focus on Congregational Formation and the results of EP's Lilly-funded program, the Congregational Formation Initiative. The gathering will again be held at DePaul: reserve the dates of July 16-18, 2007.