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2011 Second Quarter Newsletter
Presidents message

Please note over the next several months Paul Hanson Partners will be concentrating our efforts on new ways to improve our communication through improved marketing materials, short informational videos, and an improved website resource center.

In today’s newsletter you will find articles on:
  • The Difference Between a Hold Harmless Agreement and Waiver of Subrogation
  • Understanding the Different Valuation Options for Real Property Coverage
  • Information on how to follow us on Facebook & Twitter

Our company’s mission is to continue to dedicate ourselves to providing the best insurance products and services to the moving and storage industry while supporting your efforts to service our joint customers. We simply would not be here without you so please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns at lisapaul@paulhanson.com.


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Lisa R. Paul, CPCU
President, CEO

real property
building There are different types of valuation for Real Property coverage: Replacement Cost, Actual Cash Value, Functional valuation, and Agreed Amount. In this article you will learn the definitions of these coverage types and evaluating the best coverage to place on your property. read more

real property
"Hold harmless" is a legal term sometimes inserted into an agreement which asserts that one party will not try to sue or blame the other for liability rising from a third party. The purpose of a "hold harmless" agreement is not to shield a party from all liability, especially not from its own actions in claims brought by the other party. Instead, the hold-harmless provision prevents one party from suing the other in response to a claim by an outside party. read more

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