2010 First Quarter Newsletter
President's Message
Article By Lisa Paul, President/CEO Paul Hanson Partners 
New Guide: Controlling Insurance Costs

We understand the need for you to get as much value as possible from your insurance dollar and we also believe that solid risk management and controlling those costs can be achieved if you have a more thorough understanding of the coverages and exposures of your company.  We strive to not only provide comprehensive coverage at a competitive premium but also provide you with as much risk management information as possible to help you get the most value for your dollar.  Keeping that in mind, I am pleased to provide you with our new guide: Controlling Insurance Costs.


This guide will help steer you through the key aspects of coverage, so you can better understand the type of insurance to purchase to help protect your business and control costs. It is important that your company has an insurance program that matches your specific needs.  That's why our mover's insurance program can provide all the coverage's you require now, as well as in the future.


I hope this guide proves to be a useful resource for you in identifying the different choices you must make for your business insurance program. In addition, we hope it provides additional clarity on the capabilities and benefits of the Mover's Choice program.


All of us at Paul Hanson Partners thank your for continued loyalty to our program and look forward to helping you move your business forward in the coming years. 





Lisa R. Paul, CPCU

President, CEO



New Cargo Warehouse Questionnaire Worksheet
Article By Casey Myers, Account Executive

We are quickly approaching the 2nd anniversary of Full Value Protection on SDDC shipments and this is the perfect time to review your Warehouse Legal Liability insurance policy limit.  In order to monitor the valuation of items in your care, custody and control, as well as prepare for your upcoming insurance renewal, we have created an interactive worksheet that accounts for military shipments at the old and new valuation levels, as well as non-military storage.  When used in its Excel format, the form will automatically calculate total valuation based on tonnage and the number of containers. 

 Please remember that this form is optional and should not circumvent or distract from other more sophisticated inventory systems you may utilize in determining the appropriate limit. 
                                Please click here to fill out and review the worksheet.
Loss Control - Pre-Employment Screening Program
Article By Sandy Quiett, Claims Manager

SandyWe all know how important the Motor Vehicle Report is to the evaluation and hiring process in the transportation industry.  However, the information found on the MVR may not be enough to ensure that your business is protected.  The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) is in the final stages of developing the Pre-Employment Screening Program (PSP), which will provide motor carriers the ability to review the roadside inspection and crash history of new applicants and prospective drivers seeking employment as commercial drivers.

Information in the PSP summary will come from MCMIS (Motor Carrier Management Information System) and contains five years of state reported DOT crash involvement and three years of roadside inspection history.
We encourage you to enroll in the system now.  This will allow you to have immediate access to driver records once the FMCSA makes them available.
Paul Hanson's Inscope Program 
Article By Nichole Williams, Certificates
Have you ever been in a rush to obtain an insurance certificate? Wouldn't it be nice to have access to them at all times with just a touch of a button?
Paul Hanson Partners Specialty Insurance Solutions is proud to introduce Inscope, a self-service online program available free to Paul Hanson customers.  This beneficial service is available 24/7/365 and provides one common database for policy information, accessible by multiple users and locations.  Some notable features of the service allow you to:
  • Issue and Send Your Certificates
  • Print Your Auto ID Cards
  • View Basic Claim Information
  • View Your Policy & Your Agent's Information

Please learn more about the Inscope program by viewing our Short Powerpoint Presentation highlighting some more important features as well as how to get enrolled.

We always encourage feedback in regards to our newsletters and announcements.  Providing relevant, accurate and useful information is very important to us, and if you have any suggestions, comments or concerns we always want to hear your voice.  We value our relationship with you and appreciate your business and your loyalty.
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