July 2009
President's Message
Article By Lisa Paul, President/CEO Paul Hanson Partners 
Paul Hanson Partners Receives
"Spirit of Excellence Award"
Paul Hanson Partner's mission as an organization is dedicated to providing service to our customers, brokers, and our insurance carriers.  Several years ago our company performed a self evaluation and felt as an organization we provided good service but we needed to excel to become the leader in the industry.  We focused our organization goals on three areas...
Do Your Tenants Carry Proper Coverage?
Article By Sue Ortiz, Mover's Choice Underwriter
Protecting Your Property Owner Interest
Is your tenant carrying proper insurance coverage to help reduce your exposure as a property owner/landlord?  Do you have a certificate of insurance as well as actual endorsements to the tenant's insurance policy on file naming you as additional insured, providing a waiver of subrogation and indemnifying you and providing a minimum of 30 days notice of cancellation?  We would like to suggest the following to make sure adequate coverage is in place to cover yourself and your tenant in case a claim should occur.
Coverage Question of the Month
Article By Josh Godfrey, Workers' Comp Underwriter 


We are thinking of hiring a non-paid intern in the clerical classification. Would this person be covered in the event of an on the job injury? 
Whether or not a volunteer is defined as an employee or not varies by state labor code provisions.  In California, most volunteers are excluded as employees in the labor code and the one's that are included are defined under the labor code provisions that apply. 
For Example: Labor Code Section 3368, and Education Code section 51769. Student apprenticeship programs registered by the Division of Apprenticeship Standards of the Department of Industrial Relations are considered employers of registered student apprentices.
If the student is not registered in this program then the insured must get a volunteer endorsement to the policy that may carry a charge for coverage to apply. Other volunteers that work in the company could only be afforded coverage if a specific request has been made to the workers' compensation carrier to endorse the policy to include volunteers.
 Free Loss Control Seminars
Article By Cory Tiebout, Principal/VP Marketing 
Sponsored By Mover's Choice & Zurich North American
The Mover's Choice Program has teamed up with Zurich North American Insurance Company to provide an innovative online risk management tool. Once becoming a customer of Mover's Choice, your company is immediately given access to several tools that will improve your operation's safety and loss control program. All these tools will be located on a customized micro-internet site created personally for your company. Three specially designed loss control management tools will be available on this site: Virtual Consulting, TrainFirst, and eZ Transitions.
Most recently we have added information about FREE loss control seminars ranging from several different topics relevant to the transportation industry.

We always encourage feedback in regards to our newsletters and announcements.  Providing relevant, accurate and useful information is very important to us, and if you have any suggestions, comments or concerns we always want to hear your voice.  We value our relationship with you and appreciate your business and your loyalty.
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