May 2009
President's Message
Article By Lisa Paul, President/CEO Paul Hanson Partners 

"Clarification of FMCSA Insurance Requirements for the Transportation of Internal Combustion Engines."

Recently the US Department of Transportation through the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) issued an important notice to interstate movers regarding the transportation of internal combustion engines, self-propelled vehicles, mechanical equipment containing internal combustion engines and battery powered vehicles or equipment (automobiles, motorcycles, riding lawn mowers, garden tractors, golf carts, etc.) containing any amount of flammable liquid are required to be classified as a hazardous material carrier that must maintain a minimum $1,000,000 amount of public liability insurance.
It is very important to note this change only affects movers who haul interstate under there own authority. If your interstate shipments are handled through a national van line, it is their responsibility to properly notify the FMCSA of compliance. 

What do you need to do to become compliant?

Zurich's Complete Loss Control Services...
Article By Cory Tiebout, Principal & VP Marketing
Are you taking full advantage of Zurich's Free On-line Loss Control Services?

In order to simplify the use of these services, Mover's Choice and Zurich have created a customized internet micro site that allows you to take advantage of many loss control services.   There are three specially designed loss control management tools available on this site:

  •     TrainFirst is an incredible innovation that allows your company to provide employee training through a web base too that features practical activities and full motion video.
  •     Virtual Consulting is an online tool that helps identify the most common hazards in your business and provide real-world solutions that you can immediately implement.
  •     eZ Transitions is an online tool to help with the process and implantation of a successful Return to Work Program.

To help facilitate the knowledge of these products, we have created a short video that walks through how easy it is to use the customized micro-internet site. Please click here to start video.
Swine Flu Alert...Know How to Prepare & Take Action
Article by Sandy Quiett, Administrative Support Manager
Regardless  of  what  course  the swine flu outbreak takes, you should give
serious consideration to the potential impact a pandemic influenza outbreak
could  have on your business.  There are steps your business should take to
be prepared and respond on issues ranging from supply-chain disruption to
extended worker absenteeism.

Please review the Swine Flu fact sheet and Risk Topic on Pandemic Influenza
for  an  overview  of  the  steps  you  should  take  to  maintain business
continuity.  We urge you share this information with your employees, co-workers, friends, family, and loved-ones.  Please click on the link below to learn more about protecting against the Swine Flu outbreak.


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