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December 2008
Happy Holidays from Paul Hanson Partners!
Each year during the holiday season, we take great pleasure in stepping away from our busy lives to send warm holiday greetings. 
How joyful we are for the time to extend to you our sincere gratitude, for it is good friends and customers like you that make our business possible.
Throughout these tough economic times, we understand how your businesses and livelihoods have been affected.  Your loyalty and dedication to us is greatly appreciated.
We wish you the happiest of seasons filled with joy and prosperity, and may the future year bring you a wealth of good things to come.
Seasons greetings and best wishes for the New Year!
Lisa R. Paul

Please Note our Holiday Hours:
December 24, 2008:  Office closed at 12pm PST
December 25, 2008:  Closed All Day
December 31, 2008:  Office closed at 12pm PST
January 1, 2009:  Closed All Day
Paul Hanson is
  Article by Cory Tiebout 
 VP Marketing & Agency Development  
24 hour turnaround
In recent years we have seen many changes made in the effort to go green.  Here at Paul Hanson Partners we have made a conserted effort over the past five years to GO GREEN and help preserve our environment and our precious resources. 
Loss Prevention:
Night Driving Safety
Article by Sandy Quiett
Claims Manager 
During this hectic and busy time of year, driving can be a challenge.  There are many vehicles on the roads and the winter weather can be very unpredictable causing hazardous driving conditons.  Couple that with the fact that it is getting darker earlier and earlier, and we have a recipe for potential disaster.  To keep you, your family and your employees safe during this holiday season, please click below to learn more about Night Driving Safety Tips to keep in mind while driving after dark.