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October 8, 2010
Alison Barfoot Preaches this Sunday
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This Sunday, invite your friends and neighbors to come and hear an inspiring and powerful message from
Alison Barfoot, one of the former pastors of Christ Church.
As Archbishop Henry Orombi's Director for International Relations, The Rev. Dr. Alison lives and serves in Uganda, Africa with a ministry that spans the globe. 
Be inspired this Sunday
Membership Class
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If, after reading Patrick's article, you would like to register for the membership class on Thursday, October 14 from 6-8:30, click the link above and contact Suzanne Moore, our Director of Member Care.  The class is free, childcare is available with registration and dinner will be served!

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The Meaning of Membership
When we come to Christ by faith, we enter into two covenants, or promises. The first is the covenant relationship with God, where we journey with Him in relationship for the rest of our lives. The other covenant we enter into is with the community of God's people. In this covenant, God places us in relationship with one another. Therefore, Scripture requires us to serve one another out of godly love. Membership is not simply about signing on a dotted line, but rather joining a family that is seeking to share Christ with the world and with each other. At Christ Church, "membership" is a stated commitment that we are living in community together and seeking to embody the values of our church in expressions of love and service.

Sometimes church membership is seen as exclusive rather than inclusive, and perhaps even worse as the equivalent of a gym or country club membership. By contrast, we understand membership to be a way of including more people and providing a stable environment for people to grow in their faith and service. It also creates a covenant bond with each other that allows us to journey together in Christ. In membership we are stretched as a diverse community to love those who are not like us. It also provides a level of accountability to one another and to God. And finally, membership tears down the American idol of the autonomous self, practicing an individualized private faith, which is contrary to the New Testament community.

Finally, as an Anglican Church - Anglican means "English," so Anglican churches are those that have their origins in the Church of England - we are also members of a much larger body of Christians in the USA and around the world. Next week I will be making a quick trip to Nashville for a gathering of Anglican leaders from across the country to discuss and learn together about how to more effectively engage in mission in our local contexts. Please pray that, in our time together, seeds will be planted that will someday grow and bear much fruit.

If you would like to learn more about Christ Church and explore membership, our next Membership Class is October 14th at 6p.  You can register by clicking the link in the sidebar adjacent to this article or by calling Suzanne Moore at 913-648-2271 x206.