November 30, 2011
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Perfecting the Pitch

Where to Step Back

Apply Your Moldmaking Know-How to Aerospace Work

Illuminating Mid-Level Management

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CimatronE Lifter Application

Cimatron Lifter Application 

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Many businesses turn to investors for funding. But, simply needing the money doesn't mean you are going to get it. Investors share here tips to perfecting the pitch.


Like it or not, government policies have an effect on manufacturing. But, have you ever considered what would happen if government took a step back on some things? Modern Machine Shop Magazine presents four ways doing this might help manufacturing.


The Aerospace industry continues to flourish, so if you are one of those mold shops looking to branch into this market you may be closer than you think. Advice for applying your moldmaking know-how to aerospace work is here.


PMA's 2012 Chairman and President of Trans-Matic Mfg. Co., P.J. Thompson, shares his know-how through illuminating mid-level management.

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Lisa Sterling
Director of Marketing
Cimatron Technologies, Inc.
Perfecting the PitchPerfecting the Pitch 

Investors share dos and don't when seeking funding for projects. 

Where to Step Back


Here is what it might look like if government got out of the way of manufacturing.


Four ideas that can positively affect manufacturing.


AerospaceApply Your Moldmaking Know-How to Aerospace Work


Looking to diversify the jobs you take on and venture into the aerospace market?


Mid-level managerIlluminating Mid-Level Management 


This industry leader shows how its done.


Learn about P.J. Thompson's managerial philosophies.