July 29, 2011
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Innovators Become Profit Makers

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Latest AMBA Survey Shows Mold Makers are Keeping Busy

Should You Automate Your Welding Operation?

CimatronE 10

CimatronE 10



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Being an innovator doesn't just sound appealing, it pays well too.  According to a new study conducted by Georgia Tech's Enterprise Innovation Institute, innovation can generate as much as a 14% profit margin increase.


Training is an important aspect of getting the most out of
your equipment and software purchases.  DMG/Mori Seiki, Makino, and other large vendors list their training options in the July issue of Cutting Tool Engineering Magazine.  Summer is a great time of year to refine your CAD/CAM skills too - click here to view Cimatron's Summer/Fall training schedule.


Marking the halfway point of 2011, July is an opportune time to check in on business trends for the year.  For mold makers, the results of the Summer AMBA 2011 Business Forecast Survey can help you do just that.  Things are looking good as 78% of mold makers responded that business conditions were "Good/Excellent."


As conditions continue to improve for manufacturers, more companies are turning to automation to compete.  Should you automate your welding operation?  Considering these factors can help you decide.

Lisa Sterling
Director of Marketing
Cimatron Technologies, Inc.

profitInnovators Become Profit Makers     

According to a new study, innovation can generate a 14% profit margin increase. 

Up to Speed



Advanced machine technology requires advanced training options.


Learn what some machine vendors offer. 


AMBA logoLatest AMBA Survey Shows Mold Makers are Keeping Busy


Business conditions were termed as "Good/Excellent" for 78% of the mold makers responding.


thinkingShould You Automate Your Welding Operation? 


Increased competition is driving manufacturers to automate.


Considerations for making the decision.