January 31, 2011
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How to Turn Economic Recovery into a Jobs Recovery

Are Suppliers Ready for the Recovery?

The Mold Shop Puzzle: Creating Constructive Change - Sales

Turn Your Website into a Powerful Marketing Tool


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Meeting Today's Micro Milling Challenges 
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The New Year is off to a good start with the economic recovery underway and additional government plans to aid the process.  Announced in his annual State of American Business address, the US Chamber of Commerce president was in positive spirits while outlining a four-point plan to get Americans working.

The economic rebound now brings about an interesting turn of events as it is presenting automotive suppliers with a new struggle - keeping up with the increase in business with limited resources.  Toolmakers should focus on continuous innovation and making greater use of advanced technologies to streamline workflow and meet customer demands.

Many shop owners are facing the need to find new ways of doing business.  Some are now entering the world of sales to keep the jobs flowing in.  Fear not - Mold Making Technology Magazine offers helpful tips to make a smooth transition into this role.

Embracing marketing is another step companies can take to reach profitability and beat the competition.  A website is a critical part of the marketing mix and if done right, it can be used to actually generate revenue.  Now is the time to turn your website into a powerful marketing tool!

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Lisa Sterling
Director of Marketing
Cimatron Technologies, Inc.

Find Job2How to Turn Economic Recovery into a Jobs Recovery 
The state of American business is improving, expectations that the GDP will grow by 3.2% this year.

Economy ReboundingAre Suppliers Ready for the Recovery?  
As the auto industry continues to recover, many suppliers are still struggling but for different reasons.

PuzzleThe Mold Shop Puzzle: Creating Constructive Change - Sales

With the right approach and technique YOU can become a salesperson.

WebsiteTurn Your Website into a Powerful Marketing Tool
Create a more effective website that generates revenue.