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November 2010 The Knowledge-Sharing Newsletter
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With the holidays upon us, it is a time of giving and gratefulness. The 33 Chilean miners who were recently rescued have much to thank for, including those that worked tirelessly around the clock to get them out safely. Read how the Cimatron Group's GibbsCAM software played a part in engineering the rescue!

As we are quickly approaching a New Year, it is time for businesses to conclude their 2011 budget plans. An item that was unlikely part of this planning even ten years ago is marketing. Nowadays, as shops continue to diversify, it is important to evaluate where marketing dollars are spent, keeping in line with your customers' focus.

It's good to know that manufacturing voices are being heard in DC, thanks to the efforts of the American Mold Builders Association, among others. During the association's Fall Conference, team members held 49 meetings with various Senate and Congressional staff, noting an increased level of interest in manufacturing from participating legislatures.

Economic analysts of the Fabricators & Manufacturers Association, Intl. (FMA) echo the positive note that the AMBA members expressed as they report seeing optimistic signs for the small manufacturing sector for 2011.

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CAM Program Helps Save Chilean Miners
Gibbs CAM software

The Cimatron Group's GibbsCAM software played a part in engineering the rescue!

How to Maximize Your Marketing Budget
Marketing Strategy

What do you do for your customers that keeps them coming back?

Washington Takes a Greater Interest in Manufacturing

The AMBA's fall conference resulted in 49 meetings with various Senate and Congressional staff.

FMA Sees Optimistic Signs for Small Manufacturing Sector
Future Growth

The economy continues to rebound for Fabricators & Manufacturers.

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