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June, 2010 The Knowledge-Sharing Newsletter
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The road to economic recovery is not always smooth or short. However, economists continue to report that we are still on the recovery path. The evidence from the manufacturing front is that for die makers, business is picking up and toolrooms are buzzing with activity.

Many companies had to make very tough decisions during the down times - some involving significant changes to their business operations.

For example, injection molder Polymer Conversions and its customer, SensGard LLC, have embraced a refreshing change by developing a special partnership in an effort to bring an exciting new technology to market.

And, if your business hasn't experienced change, it likely will during these times of improvement. How you manage the change can notably impact how effective these changes are going to be.

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Lisa Sterling
Director of Marketing
Cimatron Technologies, Inc.

Job Hopes Rise on Flurry of Economic Reports
jobs rising

Fewer people are filing claims for unemployment aid, new job are showing up in service industries, and companies are squeezing all they can from lean staffs and may need to hire soon.

How to Manage Change

One word that captures the essence of what is occurring in the world today - change.

Injection Molder Helps Inventor Successfully Market New Ear Protection Device

A new product and partnership are leading to success for custom injection molder Polymer Conversions Inc. and its customer, SensGard LLC, maker of hearing protection devices.

On the Rebound
Business Picking Up

Toolrooms throughout the industry are buzzing with activity as dies make their way back into production.

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