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May 31, 2010 The Knowledge-Sharing Newsletter
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Massive layoffs, plant closings, and the continuing threat of overseas competition have created a lasting erosion in the public's perception of the North American manufacturing industry. This negative perception is now creating a secondary long-term effect that is less publicly noticed - discouraging youth from entering a manufacturing career. However, the shortage of highly skilled employees is already a problem being felt by some manufacturers. According to experts' predictions, the problem will continue growing. Telling the mainstream about manufacturing is an important stride we should all partake in to ensure a vibrant future for our manufacturing sector.

Mazak Corp. Canada is doing its part by participating and contributing annually in the Canadian Skills Competition. The Canadian Skills Competition showcases and raises awareness for skilled trades in Canada. Events like this not only help produce talented professionals, but also pave the way for quality products we can all enjoy for years to come.

A company committed to superior quality and customer satisfaction is A-1 Tool Company (Melrose Park, IL). Focusing on delivering value to customers, taking an in-depth look at the customer's processes, and challenging the traditional approaches present an opportunity for profitability for both the Mold Maker and the customer.

For Die Makers, carefully evaluating processes such as die changes can help pinpoint bottlenecks and problem areas. Developing a successful quick- changeover process can help streamline shop floor workflows and deliver significant savings in time and money.

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Telling the Mainstream about Manufacturing

How do we reach the next generation of manufacturing employees? One machine tool company succeeds with local efforts.

Canadian Youth Shine at Skills Canada Competition
Team Canada

Mazak Corp. Canada lends a hand with the CNC Machining competition.

Doing the Math on Your Moldmaker's Value
doing the math

This story features an example of a mold building company presenting new approaches to improve a customer's profitability.

Quick Die Change - The Process

Expediting die-changes can save time and money.

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