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October 2009 The Knowledge-Sharing Newsletter
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Tool Shop Optimization Case Studies:
Survival of the Quickest

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It's important for businesses to take action and assume responsibility for their own success, and not sit back waiting for the economy to change, or for government hand-outs to help. One local shop is taking an outward approach in expressing its stance on the Sign of the Times.

Purchasing expensive capital equipment is always a tough decision, and even more so in today's economic conditions. However, for those that have the money available or can get the financing - great buys are out there. And, as many shops are focusing on improving their processes, purchasing good equipment can be on the list.

It might seem a paradox, but as the economy slows down, it's the quickest that survive and position themselves for future growth. Rezmin Tool & Die (ON) and Diamond Tool & Engineering (Bertha, MN) are two such companies that are thriving in today's tough times. Learn how they do it by viewing the recording from this week's webcast with Modern Machine Shop, "Tool Shop Optimization Case Studies: Survival of the Quickest".

With the Mold Business Index reporting the end of the recession, now is the time for tool makers to get ready for the up-swing. Revisiting the basics and covering the fundamental 10 recommended design laws can be a good first step.

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Lisa Sterling
Director of Marketing
Cimatron Technologies, Inc.

A Sign Of The Times
sign of times

One shop owner sounds off on the "stimulus" package while giving credit where credit is due.

Who's Ready to Buy?

Now is the time to purchase capital equipment at lower than ever pricing - if you can get the financing.

Industry Has Turned Corner

The Mold Business Index indicates the recession has ended.

10 Design Laws for Tool Designers

Fundamental tool design laws can help you anticipate and prevent possible problems, simplify operation and maintenance, and improve production and quality.

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