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July 2009 The Knowledge-Sharing Newsletter
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If you are looking to do more with less, now is the time to revisit Lean and make sure you practice it in your business.

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Earlier this month, while you were busy at work or taking some time off for a summer vacation, the leaders of the world's eight largest economies gathered in Italy for the G8 meeting.

One issue brought to light in the meeting is the importance of maintaining the flow of global trade in the face of a struggling world economy. At the same time, business sense and the forces of the free market are causing many companies to rethink their offshoring strategy.

Global warming was another issue that commanded the attention of the G8 leaders. Many manufacturers are now realizing that "green" and "lean" can actually be synergetic, enhancing business performance while helping the environment at the same time.

Closer to home, sharing knowledge is one of the ways in which we can work together for the betterment of our tooling and manufacturing sectors. The American Mold Builders Association plays an important role in promoting this collaboration effort and providing members with a forum to share best practices. And you never know when a word of advice shared by a fellow toolmaker might help you build a better tool.

Speaking of knowledge sharing, many Cimatron customers take advantage of the monthly Tooling Tips webinars and newsletters offered by the Cimatron support staff. Contact Cimatron support if you are not sure how to access these resources.

Enjoy the reading and the rest of your summer!

Does Offshoring Still Make Sense?

Many manufacturing executives now recognize that quality problems, longer supply chains, lack of visibility, piracy, and intellectual capital theft are also part of the offshoring equation.

Integrating Lean and Green

Increasingly, companies are beginning to look at the business case for sustainability and the pursuit of the win-win scenario of enhanced environmental and business performance.

Moldmakers Help Lift the Rising Tide

Four members of the American Mold Builders Association (AMBA) shared their best practices at this year's annual convention.

Designing Speed-Friendly Dies

The desire to operate a die at maximum speed must always be balanced with the need to minimize tool breakage.

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