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May 2009 The Knowledge-Sharing Newsletter
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Doing More with Less:
Six Keys To Surviving The Economic Downturn

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The "American Recovery and Reinvestment Act" has officially extended the Section 179 Deduction increases through December 31, 2009.

Take advantage of Section 179 deductions to reduce your tax burden by making smart decisions regarding software and equipment purchase in 2009.


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Thanks to the mainstream media, we are continually bombarded with doom and gloom news - especially when it comes to the topic of the state of the economy and the manufacturing industry in particular. So, it helps to be reminded of the positive - like the many strong companies that are proud to call America home, including these 10 industrial icons.

"When the going gets tough, the tough get going" may have become a cliché, but that's just what manufacturers need to do in this economic downturn. Gut reaction for many businesses is to sit and wait, cut back, and often let go of staff while running with the bare necessities. Contrary to the intuition, industry experts have discovered that these times are better than ever to position yourself for growth and strengthen your business.

At the same time, tool makers should always strive to optimize their processes and do more with less in order to survive the downturn and be better prepared for the future. These moldmakers have taken creative steps using conventional tools with new, unconventional processes to cut delivery times.

From a strategic point of view, it is important to diversify your customer base and look for new markets to service. The renewables industry is a promising and growing market for die makers to consider. See why.

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Lisa Sterling
Director of Marketing
Cimatron Technologies, Inc.

10 Big Companies That Haven't Quit on the US

Plenty of industrial titans continue to thrive.

Seven Ways to Strengthen Your Business

Business owners who use their time to improve their business and seize every possible opportunity are the ones who will make it through the economic downturn.

Conventional Tools, Unconventional Processes

Many moldmakers are coming up with ways to provide what the customer wants in a fraction of the time.

'Greenergy' - the Next Big Thing
go greenb

Renewable energy generation renews market, savings opportunities.

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