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April 2009 The Knowledge-Sharing Newsletter
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Quality Tooling

Quality Tooling

Production rate doubles after software gives true high-speed performance

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The engineering field is truly one of the most important and influential professions in existence - affecting basically everything we touch. Machine Design magazine takes an interesting step back and looks at the evolution the engineering profession has gone through in the last 80 years.

The time for change is now for the automotive industry, as The Big Three face a major crossroads in the way their businesses are structured. Despite the economic challenges, they now have a new opportunity to be a player in the impending global transformation, as summarized by Managing Automation.

As many shops are trying to do more with less, it is critical to ensure that your staff is properly skilled and trained in all business areas - including CAD. Simple tools or tests can help gauge skill-level, and training is always available. Rather than viewing training as a nice-to-have add-on, companies should realize it is not less important than the actual software purchase. What good are even the best of tools if not used optimally and efficiently?

The businesses that will survive in this market are those that have a devotion to innovation and invest in technology. American Trim, LLC is one such company that is taking many strides in the right direction. See what they're doing and how it makes a difference.

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Changes in the Engineering Profession Over the Last 80 Years

Machine Design editors take stock, asking several experts what changes the engineering profession has gone through and what has stayed the same.

Auto's Opportunity

The domestic automobile industry's current crisis may be masking a fundamental market transformation that points the way to the future.

Measuring CAD Skills Gives Greater Efficiency

How good are your people at using the CAD tools they are given?

A Devotion to Innovation

American Trim, LLC is a manufacturer staying up front with technology development and ahead of its customers to prepare for market challenges.

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