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December 2008 The Knowledge-Sharing Newsletter
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CAD/CAM and More For the Mold and Die Industry


The first thing a mold shop has to do is design the mold assembly, so two-thirds to three-fourths of the CimatronE product is specialized, very powerful design CAD software for people who design molds with thousands of components.

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Tool Shop Optimization: Improving Delivery Times with INTEGRATED Die Design and Manufacturing

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With the holiday season upon us, many Americans have the luxury of taking a leisurely vacation. Or, you could be feeling the stress of a busy shop trying to wrap up business before the year end. Whether you're over or under-worked, have you ever considered how much employees in other countries work in comparison? A 2008 ranking by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development may give you a greater sense of pride, or leave you ready to pack up and relocate.

This time of year also brings an annual reminder to change the batteries of your home fire detectors. This same practice should also be remembered when thinking of your business fire safety. The increased use of automation and un-attended/lights-out machining brings an added risk for fire. However, new technologies are now available that can assist in detecting a problem before it becomes a catastrophe.

Sometimes it is fun to look back at when you first got started in an industry. As the cliché goes, "If you only knew then what you know now." Mold Making Technology magazine decided to explore this a little further in a recent survey. See the results of the top 10 things you didn't know about moldmaking before you entered the field.

As Die makers continue to looks for ways to operate in a lean fashion and stay competitive, room for improvement may lie in a "hidden" area - the handling and storage of dies. Read these case studies to learn how a source of waste turned into cost-savings.

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The World's Hardest-Working Countries

A 2008 ranking by the Organization for Economic Co- operation and Development reveals average hours worked by employees in different countries.

Fire Safety First

Technologies are available to help protect your facility when running unattended.

Top 10 Things You Didn't Know About Moldmaking Before You Entered The Field

A list compiled from the most popular answers to a reader poll.

Stop wasting time!

Die handling and storage can be a major source of waste in stamping operations.

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