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October 2008 The Knowledge-Sharing Newsletter
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Integrating Design, Manufacturing Processes


Omega Plastics implemented an end-to-end CAD/CAM package from Cimatron that ensured a seamless workflow and eliminated time-consuming manual operations.

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CAM Makes Parts in Famous Garage

See how Cimatron's GibbsCAM product line for production is making a difference in Jay Leno's garage.

Jay Leno

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With the US Presidential elections around the corner, many of us are still trying to decipher the political jargon and get down to the facts. Metalforming Magazine gives a synopsis of each candidate's stance on the business issues that could affect toolmakers and manufacturers.

As the financial markets continue to struggle, it is increasingly evident that fear has a direct impact on economic purchasing patterns. One niche market however, that is benefiting from the fears and concerns associated with energy and the environment is the production of energy- efficient and other "green" products. Something to consider as you look to diversify your business into new, growing markets.

Another green practice gaining popularity in the Metal Stamping industry is the use of biobased lubricants. Learn the benefits and disadvantages of switching to a green lube.

Now more than ever, toolmakers are turning to advanced technologies, including software, to speed delivery times and compete. Software vendors in turn, continue the race to produce solutions that can help you do just that. See what areas can benefit from the latest software.

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From Promise Maker to President

Trying to decide who to vote for?

Molders Economic Index:
It's time to ease up on the fear and go green
go greenb

Sluggish economies are driven by fear.

Software Suppliers Seek Common Platforms for Mold Development

The goal is efficient data transfer to reduce build cycles and increase profit.

Green Lubes Under a Microscope
veggie oil

Stamping parts with vegetable oil.

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