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June 2008 The Knowledge-Sharing Newsletter
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September 8-13, 2008
Chicago, IL

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Every business experiences change at some point. A recent study conducted by IBM shows that while more companies are impacted by change, not all of them are successful managing through it.

Mold makers have certainly witnessed their fair share of change. A fascinating eight-year comparison (a must read!) shows that many of the changes were not readily anticipated. Still, it is evident that change has prompted better business. Using lean principals and advanced technology, mold makers today are doing more with the same amount of employees. Molds have gotten bigger and more complex, yet shorter delivery times are required. It stands to reason that the industry will continue to move in this direction, requiring the advanced tools and skilled people to handle the heavier demands.

And what better way to prepare for the future than to start with the facts? The National Association of Manufacturers is helpful with the publication of The Facts About Modern Manufacturing.

Software can be advantageous to managing change when used to integrate disparate processes, as in the case of local die maker, Arrowsmith International, who was able to slash administrative costs by 75%.

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Managing Change

Managing change is an inevitable task for the modern chief executive, yet almost one in five feel a lack of control over the process, according to a new IBM study.

The Facts About Modern Manufacturing
modern manufact

Standing by itself, U.S. manufacturing would be the eighth largest economy in the world.

Do Eight Years Matter?

Data and analysis results of a North American plastics industry study on the mold manufacturing industry call for change.

Die Maker Slashes Administrative Costs by 75 Percent
cut cost

Since Arrowsmith International installed software that integrates manufacturing planning with financial operations, administrative costs have dropped by 75 percent.

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