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May 2008 The Knowledge-Sharing Newsletter
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Most businesses want the perfect customer - doesn't complain, pays the bills, and comes back for more. But, do we ever consider whether we are the perfect supplier/vendor to our customers? Or even better, are we serving them as partners, not just suppliers?

One way to become a better supplier and partner is by improving communication, both internally and externally. A web portal is a tool that can help you do just that.

Advanced technologies provide enormous potential for improving product quality and responsiveness to customers. Particularly in the world of CAD/CAM, large strides have been made, enabling manufacturers' to deliver products faster and at lower costs.

One of the most profound advancements ever made in CAD/CAM is the transition from 2D to 3D design. Join Cimatron's upcoming educational webinar on the topic to learn how your business can benefit from making the upgrade.

Stampers can also now take advantage of advanced in-die sensing technology to maintain press time and avoid unwanted and costly downtime.

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Lisa Sterling
Cimatron Technologies, Inc.

Striving To Be Partners, Not Shops

The management teams of Trust Technologies and Miltronics & Skye (M&S) don't consider their shops to be shops. Rather, they are set up to be strategic manufacturing partners.

Web Portals are Gateway to Increased Productivity
web portal

Web portals are a tool for efficient communication with customers and staff.

Software Enhances Advancing Technologies

CAD/CAM's improved features, new capabilities and advanced technologies allow moldmakers to achieve high quality and short delivery times.

In-Die Sensing: Makes Good Sense

Implementing in-die sensing helps stampers protect precious press time and avoid unplanned downtime.

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