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February 2008 The Knowledge-Sharing Newsletter
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When asked, "Does the economy have an affect on your business?" most business owners and managers would quickly answer "yes". But, additional questions should follow. "How do you plan for economic change?" and "Are YOU tracking economic trends vs. company results?" are two important questions to start with.

Slow economic times often prompt quick reaction - i.e. cutting costs. Take the time to visit our Mold Making Focus and see why haste doesn't always pay off.

For Die Makers, transfer automation may be a way to boost stamping productivity. However, any automation execution plan requires careful planning. Explore your options here.

Considerations for a successful automated cell implementation program were shown in last month's webinar, "Tool Shop Optimization: Optimizing the Design & Manufacturing Process". Watch the recording now.

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Lisa Sterling
Cimatron Technologies, Inc.

Understanding the Economy

Economic conditions impact your business. How should you prepare?

10 Production Cars

MSN picks the top 10 production cars destined for showrooms.

Proceed with Haste Slowly:
Profit-Improvement Programs

Cut costs and do more with your current assets.

Looking to Transfer?

Transfer automation is a popular way to boost stamping productivity.

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