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September 4, 2012

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9/5 5:00 pm CB 510
*event sponsored by OxyChem

9/19 5:30 -7:00 pm Kayser Auditorium/HSB 100

Other ProSales News

Submit your entry for the 2012-2013 Social Media Internship Competition! Through this 1 hour/week internship in the fall and spring semesters (30 hours total), you will have the opportunity to share your social media creative expertise and help develop a social media launch plan for the Center for Professional Selling.
Submit your entry by Friday, September 7!

Dress for the Fall Advisory Board Meeting
Please wear Business Dress for the Fall Advisory Board Meeting events on Friday, September 7. Alternatively, if you own or purchase a Center for Professional Selling polo, you may choose to wear it instead.

ProSales Polos for Sale
Center for Professional Selling polo shirts are available for sale in the Center. Polos cost $40 (cash/check) and all proceeds go to support the ProSales Program. See Curtis Schroeder to make your purchase.


World Collegiate Sales Open
10/15-16 Voice Mail Calls

Sales Team:
Ryan Boss, Simeon Brown, Joseph Chen,
Taylor Dixon, Tyler Kopas, Jim Oltman,
James Paulsen, Grant Senter,
*Austin Smith, Morgan Stringer

Student Coach:

Joseph Chen

International Collegiate
Sales Competition
10/19-20 Florida State University

Sales Team:

*Taylor Huske, Joanna Murrieta

Student Coach:
Oscar Velasquez

National Team
Selling Competition
10/25-26 Indiana University

Baylor Business Sell-Off
11/1 Baylor University

*denotes Team Captain
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