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August 20, 2012

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8/23 6:30 pm Dixon's House
(2030 Clover Ridge, McGregor)

9/5 5:00 pm CB 510
*event sponsored by OxyChem

Other ProSales News

ProSales Summer Photos must be submitted by Wednesday, August 22 at 5:00 pm. Photos will be judged at the Welcome Back BBQ. Winner receives a $50 AmEx Gift Card and a ProSales Polo Shirt.
Submit your entries today!

Students are expected to participate in Fall Advisory Board events.  Please RSVP online by Friday, August 31.

The new Center for Professional Selling website is up.  We will go over a lot of the new features at our ProSales Pizza & Planning on August 27.  Check it out:


International Collegiate
Sales Competition
10/19-20 Florida State University

National Team
Selling Competition
10/25-26 Indiana University

Baylor Business Sell-Off
11/1 Baylor University

Great Northwoods
Sales Warm-Up
11/8-10 University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire

PSE Pro-Am Regionals
11/9-10 University of Georgia

RBI National Sales Challenge
11/14-16 William Paterson University

World Collegiate Sales Open
October - February Virtual

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