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Pro Fide, Pro Utilitate Hominum
      1048 AD  -  Our 963rd Year
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INSIDE STORY: OSJ Herald Gets Face Lift
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04/26-28 2012

The Americas Priory (US)

New York, NY USA

OSJ Commandery of New York





Commandery of New York

Holiday Toy Drive Benefit



Commandery of New York

Pajama Program Benefit


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KPII Constitution Original

KPII Constitution (English)

KPII Royal Charter (English)

OSJ History

OSJ Hospitaller Exec Summary

OSJ Newletters:

  P-Low Countries-11/11

  P-South Australia-11/11


OSJ Organization Chart

OSJ Members Roll of Arms

Petit Conseil Reports

Sovereign Council Reports

The Herald - 11/11


In 2010, OSJ had 3 Grand Priories, 17 Priories, and 38 Commanderies in 12 countries. There were 45 new members invested in 2010 and 36 were promoted. Here's the breakdown:
Priory of Flanders
   1 invested; 1 promoted
Priory of Italy
   6 invested; 2 promoted
Priory of The Low Countries
   8 invested; 12 promoted
Priory of The Pacific
   4 invested; 0 promoted
The America's Priory
   12 invested; 4 promoted
The Nordic Prior (DK/FI)
   2 invested; 11 promoted
Russian Grand Priory of Europe and Malta
   12 invested; 5 promoted


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Office of the OSJ Chief Herald

Gregory W. Schultz CJSJ
Lt. Grand Councillor
Order Chief Herald 


8853 Via Grande East

Wellington, FL  33411 USA


T 561 337 4822

F 561 422 7170



Advisory Board & Co-Editors

Dame Janet Hall DGSJ 

  Advisor, Web Development

Chev Rene A. Henry KGSJ

  Advisor, Editorial & PR


Please contact the editor if you would like to serve on The Herald Editorial Board or contribute as a copywriter, photographer, co-editor, or specialist in new media.


College of Heralds

Chev Duncan Hurd KSJ

  Herald, The Americas Priory

Chev Jeffrey Nicholas KGSJ

  Herald, South Australia Priory

Chev Gregory W. Schultz CJSJ

  Order Chief Herald (Malta)


Please advise the editor if your Grand Priory, Priory, or Commandery now has or would like to have a unit Herald.


There is no greater force in any organization than strong, clear, timely, accurate, and informative communication. 
   The OSJ has mastered administration, organization, and mobilization since the 11th century. Now, more than 950 years later, in the 21st, OSJ members enter a new era poised to fully use the tools of email, the Internet, and new media. 
   Information is most certainly key to creating and sustaining an aware and involved membership. Even the oldest of the Orders of Chivalry can take lessons from the modern world as it continues its centuries of tradition. We know from experience that our knights and dames appreciate dialog and want a closer connection with each other and with the OSJ. We believe that their cherished Hospitaller mission: to care for the sick and poor of this world, can only be enhanced by informing each other of these needs and how they can be met.
  Welcome to the new era of Order communications and to the exciting new edition of The Herald.

Yours in Christ and St. John,

SIG Bohe
HE The Lieutenant Grand Master
Bailiff Michel BohÚ OSJ, CMSJ

[Click here to read the LGM's entire message ... ]
OSJ Crest-New-101011"The Herald" enters 21st Century, brings new perspective to Order communication. 
Welcome to The Herald, the Order's new, member-centric, e-newsletter, focused on the Hospitaller work of OSJ. The Herald is a major component of the Order's external affairs portfolio and is under the guidance of HE Conventual Bailiff Grand Councillor Dr. Vincent Bonagura MD, OSJ.
   "We're pleased to have had the great foundation laid by others, including Bailiff Thorkild Hagn-Meinke GCSJ and Dame Hanne Hagn-Meinke, who have given so much time and talent in the area of member communications, and we thank them for their dedication," said Bonagura. 
   The Herald will continue to be published in January, May and September (with special issues in between). The redesigned publication will keep OSJ members well-informed about the Order's Hospitaller work, unit activities, events, and worldwide member news. It now includes such interactive features as: a 64-language translator, worldwide calendar, map of all OSJ units and the locations of Hospitaller project sites.
   Eventually The Herald will include some other 21st century features such as embedded video, social media connections, and a Web-based photo album. Click on the active (blue) "OSJ Quick Links" to view current features. The future features not active are listed in (grey).
   While we hope you will all be able to easily view our e-newsletter (most Webmail browsers will work). However, we recommend that you use Internet Explorer 8 or 9 or Google Chrome for best viewing. If you have any problems viewing The Herald, please check your email client's (email delivery method's) settings first, before contacting us for help.  
   According to the new editor, Lt. Grand Councillor Order Chief Herald Greg Schultz CJSJ, "Every member is now a 'reporter'." The Herald is keenly interested in what each member has to say and all members are encouraged to submit material directly to the editor or through their Prior, Commander, or unit Herald, who will serve as contributors and co-editors.
   Do you have a knack for words? Can you tell us about your unit's events and report on important meetings? Are you in charge of a unit's Hospitaller Project? Do you have Web and Social Media expertise? Your skills are needed now! Please contact your Prior or Commander and volunteer to serve the Order in the position of Grand Priory, Priory, or Commandery "Herald". Let's hear from you!

Maltese Cross
 Lt. Grand Councillor Order Chief Herald Greg Schultz CJSJ was invested in 2000. He is the former Deputy Prior Vice-Chancellor Herald Marshal of the Priory of the Eastern USA (The Americas Priory) and emeritus Commander of the OSJ New York and OSJ The Palm Beaches (OSJ Florida) Commanderies.
OSJ Wilshire GCSJ, Peter-111811
HE Prior Peter Wiltshire GCSJ
FEATURE: OSJ Priory of Victoria (AU) 
Austalasian Priory of Victoria is on the move!

The OSJ Priory of Victoria (AU), headed by HE Prior Peter Wiltshire GCSJ, is comprised of three Commanderies--Geelong, Tasmania and Western Australia.
   Active in local and regional civic and humanitarian affairs, the Priory has a vibrant and active membership of knights and dames. No one says it better than those who are actually a part of the action "down under". Click here to review the Priory's and its Commanderies' Hospitaller work. Their own member newsletter (also aptly named The Herald) speaks volumes about their charitable and spiritual involvement and we invite you to read more about the OSJ Priory of Victoria here.
   Here's the OSJ Victoria Priory (AU) leadership team that's making history even as we speak:
P-Victoria (AU)-Council-2011-111911
2011-12 Priory of Victoria (AU) Administrative Council (Back Row L-R) Chevalier Richard Trigg KGSJ, Dame Anne Scott OAM DGSJ, Chevalier Barry Abley KGSJ, Dame Jan Synot DSJ, Chevalier Graeme Boyles KSJ, Dame Barbara Abley AM DGSJ. (Front Row L-R) Chevalier Russell Jones CGSJ, HE Bailiff John Robb AM GCSJ, HE Chevalier Royce Pepin AM MBE GCSJ, HE Chevalier Peter Wiltshire GCSJ, Chevalier Rt. Rev. John Bayton AM, GCSJ, OMLJ, Chevalier Robert Middleton OAM CJSJ  (Absent): Chevalier Max Chester OAM, KJSJ, Chevalier Graeme Wallace OAM, CGSJ, Chevalier Prof. Dr. Graham Burrows AO, CJSJ, Chevalier Michael Kent AM, CGSJ.
Maltese Cross Each issue of The Herald will highlight one Priory's or Cammandery's care of the sick and poor. Tell us about the needs you're satisfying by emailing your featured program or project details to us at The Herald.  Be sure to include the name and contact information of the person in charge of both the OSJ team and the Charity so we can tell your story--and theirs.
The Grand Master's Coin:
a new currency driving the OSJ from success to significance in our care for the sick and the poor?
OSJ Hospitallers make all the difference in the world. 

What are your most important Hospitaller programs, projects, events and accomplishments? We want to know!
   Click here to read about what other OSJ units are doing and add your executive summary to the report us at The Herald. Include a photo, your Hospitaller's contact information, and be sure to indicate how members can contribute time, talent and treasure to your cause.
   Is there a charity nearby? Click here to view OSJ's worldwide Hospitaller sites that are indicated on the map with chart pins.
OSJFL CdeH-IKP-AVN-Patroness-110911
(L-to-R) Commander Isabelle K. Paul DGSJ, Dame Countess de Hoernle GCSJ, MMSJ and HE Lt. Gr. Commander Prior Ann Van Ness DJSJ.
In each issue of The Herald, we'd like to feature a different local unit in this spot that highlights one or two projects conducted by an OSJ Commandery.  To start this off, we feature the 10-year-old OSJ Commandery of Florida:
   The OSJ Commandery of Florida (US) has approved four Hospitaller projects for 2011-12, according to Commander Isabelle K. Paul DGSJ, who heads the 18-member unit
   On November 9, Dame Henrietta, Countess de Hoernle, GCSJ, MMSJ made a US$100,000 gift through the OSJ Commandery of Florida (US) to benefit HomeSafe, in Boca Raton, FL, fully funding the Commandery's commitment to this charity.
   Other charitable work will include sustaining donations of approximately US$40,000 each to Boca Helping Hands, Family Promise of South Palm Beach County, and FoundCare for their most pressing needs as they serve the sick and poor of Palm Beach County, FL (USA).
Maltese Cross
 Does your OSJ unit have a special Hospitaller program or project? Let The Herald know about it and how other members can help. Be inspired by others--click on the Hospitaller "Quick Links" to learn more about the Order's work in the world today.
Le Petit Conseil & The Sovereign Council News
OSJ-Flag-1-102511The Order is governed by 20 Bailiffs, 5 Conventual (Constitutional) and 15 Elected who, together with all Grand Priors and Priors, form the OSJ Sovereign Council, the legislative body and custodian of the sovereignty of the Order. 
   Between its biennial meetings, the OSJ's daily operations are managed by Le Petit Conseil, the executive body, consisting of the five Conventual Bailiffs. From time to time our senior leaders will use this space to communicate Order-related decisions to OSJ members throughout the world.
   The OSJ is a transparent, democratic institution. However, it is necessary for the effective operation of the organization to maintain the confidentiality of these and other proceedings and all members are obligated to do so. If you have questions concerning any SC or PC meeting, please direct them to HE Grand Commander Paul M. Borg.
   The Petit Conseil met last September in Moorsele, Belgium. Here was its agenda for the information of all Order members (a summary report of its highlights is being prepared for The Herald's January 2012 edition.) 


Maltese Cross

 September 16, 2011 Petit Conseil Agenda.
OSJ PIC deHoernle, Henrietta-HS-101011
Dame Henrietta Countess de Hoernle GCSJ, MMSJ
Patroness of The Americas Priory and OSJ Commandery of Florida
OSJ Member News and Life Events 

Any news? Do tell! ... 


Bailiff Thorkild and Dame Hanne Hagn-Meinke turned over the reigns to "The Herald" in September to the incoming Bailiff Grand Councillor Vincent Bonagura. Thorkild remains on the Sovereign Council as an OSJ Bailiff. Chevalier Duncan Hurd KSJ was appointed Herald of The Americas Priory by HE Prior Ann Van Ness DJSJ. Chevalier Dr. Jeffrey Nicholas KGSJ was named Herald of the South Australia Priory by HE Prior John F. Jackson KJSJ. The Americas Priory and OSJ Commandery of Florida (US) has named long-time philanthropist and OSJ-Florida Commandery member Dame Henrietta, the Countess de Hoernle GCSJ, MMSJ its "Patroness of the Priory and Commandery". The Countess recently celebrated her 99th birthday and commemorated her accolade with a gift of USD$100,000 to her Commandery's 2011 charity, HomeSafe. Victoria's Premier Ted Baillieu has appointed Chevaliers Max Chester OAM, KJSJ and Dr. Hugh Wirth AM, KGSJ, two OSJ Priory of Victoria (AU) knights to the position of Australia Day Ambassadors for 2012 and they were honored a reception held October 21st. Rotary International District 9780 will induct Dame Helen Trigg DSJ as its 2012-13 District Governor next June. Helen and husband, Chevalier Richard, are both Past-Presidents of their respective Rotary Clubs and look forward to serving a wider community in this very important and busy role. Chamberlain of the OSJ Australasis Grand Priory, Chevalier John Cornall-Reilly has retired from that position and was made Chamberlain Emeritus by the OSJ Grand Priory of Austalasia's Council for his 22 years of work in that position. Chevalier Robert Middleton was appointed Chamberlain of the OSJ Grand Priory of Australasia. Congratulations to OSJ Supreme Court appointees: His Honour Justice Klaus Priebe (TAP-US), His Honour Krister Thelin (St. Eskil-SE), His Honour Justice Chevalier Andrew Bray Wilson (AU). His Honour Justice William Van Ness (US), and His Honour Auxiliary Justice Richard Muscat (RGPME).
Chevalier Alan Day CGSJ OSJ Priory of Victoria (AU).


Maltese Cross We'd appreciate the (brief, if you please) details of your latest accomplishments, transitions, acts of bravery, and other major life happenings by email to herald.osjmalta@gmail.comby mail to OSJ Herald, 8853 Via Grande East, Wellington, FL 33411 USA; or by fax to +00 561 422 7170.
From the 12th Century to the 21st, the OSJ's history is as profound
as it is colorful.
Bite-size pieces of Order history

A brief history lesson

This "history department" will attempt to tell you a little about the OSJ's early years--its very early years.

   We'll do our best to be accurate and interesting. You can help. Because The Herald is all about interaction, please feel free to offer your own historical information. We'll collect all of it and, eventually, it might even be published! Read more about the history of the OSJ ...


Traditionally speaking ...
Ritual and tradition are the foundation of many institutions. You don't survive and flourish without a fine tapestry to provide the comfort and security of a long an illustrious heritage. This section will inform members about a few OSJ "traditions" worth keeping:  
   June 24, the feast of the Order's Patron, St. John the Baptist, is also the day when the Order's Knights of Justice are announced in Malta by the Lieutenant Grand Master.

Maltese Cross
 Do you have an interesting OSJ historical fact, document, story, tradition, or image to share? Send it to "The Herald's" editorial office.
May I help you?
Do you have a question about the OSJ, or a little known fact to share?
Did you know? Oh, really? I have a question...

The Order's motto: Pro Fide, Pro Utilitate Hominum means "For Faith, For Service to Humanity."
   OSJ's heraldic colors are depicted as red and white, described in heraldry as gules and argent. Argent is really silver. However, ancient Heralds who made these decisions weren't about to use expensive silver to decorate armor or use it as paint castle walls. Thus, a basic color like white came to represent "argent" and is still used in this way today. There is no "right" red either. That's up to the heraldic artist, who, if smart, will do the research and use a traditional hue.

Maltese Cross Do you have a question about the OSJ? Have you learned an OSJ fact or factoid during your service in the Order? Share it with us so we can share it with others. Send it to "The Herald" by email.
The OSJ Prayer

"Lord, we praise your wondrous creations. We thank you for the opportunity to serve you through the Order of St. John of Jerusalem. We would ask that you bless our deliberations today and grant us wisdom and judgment to do always what is right in your eyes. We ask that, through the power of your Holy Spirit, you will help us put aside petty jealousies, selfish aspirations and prejudices so that the feelings of our hearts and the words of our mouths will always be acceptable in your sight. May all our actions contribute to the proper and right future of our Order and ourselves, as your servants. We ask this in the name of Our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. Amen"

Maltese Cross The "OSJ Prayer" has, for years, been used as an opening meditation for Order unit meetings. May it serve as your inspiration as you discern your role in the Order today. Future messages will come from unit Chaplains and our OSJ Ecclesiastical Council members.
An interactive map of OSJ worldwide units and Hospitaller project locations at your fingertips 

Since 1048 AD and before, Knights and Dames of the Order have been on the move. Today, you can click here to see where its World Headquarters, Grand Priories, Priories and the Order's Hospitaller programs and projects are located. 
   With your help, more sites will be added and continuously updated. Future mapping layers will include more historical detail about the Order and its famous sites dedicated to the care of the sick and poor, as well as its ancient and modern administrative and military locations from the 11th century to today.
   We're especially interested in locating all the ongoing OSJ Hospitaller work in the world as well as educating our members through this interactive map about the significance of the OSJ since its inception.
   Map Legend: OSJ-GP-P (Stars); Commanderies (Diamonds); Hospitaller Sites (Chart Pins); Investiture Sites (Churches).

Maltese Cross
 "The Herald" can use some help from our history buffs and researchers in the field. Send your OSJ historical and current hospitaller work locations along with a brief description of the Order's work, dates of service and, if you have photos, so much the better!
Save the date!
Don't be left out of these must-attend events.
Check the OSJ Calendar frequently and update your personal agenda and calendars.
Update your personal agenda and plan to attend these important OSJ meetings and events around the world.

For the first time in its modern history, all members can check in daily to view all the OSJ units' investitures, meetings, events, deadlines, and timelines.
    Through the power of Google Schedule, OSJ happenings come to life at the click of your computer mouse. Click here to view the OSJ Worldwide Calendar.
    Add your own meeting dates directly to the OSJ Worldwide Calendar or send complete event information by email to "The Herald" and we'll post it for you (and teach you how to do it yourself in the future).
    The OSJ calendar is updated daily, so be sure to check back often. Most important: do plan to attend as many Order events as you can during the year and participate fully in the life of the OSJ.

Maltese Cross
 Want to list your OSJ meeting or event? Just follow the simple instructions on the calendar. Or--email your event details to The Herald and we'll put it on the calendar for you. For best results and greater attendance, please be as complete as possible as provide as much detail in your listing. Happy planning and see you soon!
Thanking those who serve
So often we forget to thank those who not only serve the sick and poor, but who minister to the needs of the OSJ and its members. So, "thank you!" all who serve on the Order's SC, PC, GPs, Ps, and Cs. We appreciate you and all that you do for every knight and dame of the OSJ. -- Chevalier Gregory W. Schultz CJSJ
New Herald format, an innovation
Delighted with The Herald's new format. I look forward to many more innovations that will bring new meaning to Pro Fide, Pro Utilitate Hominum! -- Chevalier Renee Henry KGSJ


Maltese Cross The Herald welcomes letters related to content, but reserves the right to edit them for length and clarity. You may send your comments via email to us at The Herald. We regret that we don't have space to publish all the letters we receive, but we always appreciate hearing from you.
OSJ Vergels, Alois-102711
Bailiff Emeritus Alo´s Vergels, GCSJ, CMSJ
Honoring our brothers and sisters who have passed away


The OSJ Priory of the Low Countries reports the October 27, 2011 death of Bailiff Emeritus Alo´s Vergels, GCSJ, CMSJ, Hospitaller and member of the OSJ Commandery of Slype-Caestre (BE). Born on December 3, 1924, he was knighted on 27 June 1982, created Bailiff in 1999, and received the OSJ Cross of Merit in 2001. A solemn funeral service was held on All Souls Day, November 2, 2011 at 10:30 a.m. at Our Lady of Veldegem Church, Veldegem, Zedelgem (West Flanders, Belgium). We were also saddened by the passing of Mrs. Evelyn Skeggs, wife of Prior Emeritus Bailiff Bruce Skeggs and convey our sympathies to the family.

Maltese Cross
 Remembering our deceased brothers and sisters is an important part of our Order's life cycle. Obituaries may be sent to The Herald and will, if possible, appear the issue after they are received.
Moving from success to significance, we encourage you to keep your computers plugged in and your email open so you can view future issues of The Herald and use and enjoy some of our new features now under development. Don't try to go there today, but keep checking out our development links. We'll let you know when these enhancements are ready for you:
   - The "official" OSJ Web site with links to other units' sites.
   - osjmaltablog. Learn along with all of us about how to "blog" in order to build community, introduce new topics and trends, and increase member and non-member interest and support for OSJ's Hospitaller work.
   - Attend My Events. This section is truly "your personal invitation" to publicized OSJ events, a way to electronically invite others to your events. 
   - Survey/Poll links. Occasionally, we'll have questions and you'll have the answers. Because we're always listening to our members, you'll want to take part in OSJ surveys or opinion polls to tell us how we're doing, how we're meeting your needs, and where OSJ can focus its Hospitaller work in the future.
   - Social Media. SM is not just for kids. Come to the OSJ social media sites and see what Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter is all about. Get ready to "friend us", "link up" and "tweet"!
   - Donate here. Do you seek financial support for your Hospitaller projects from others? Do you want to collect oblations online? Do you process credit cards? Do you have a PayPal account? If so, or if not, tell us about it and we'll see that your fund raising and oblations collections can get simpler by doing it online.

The Herald always welcomes your input. Please feel free to write a Letter to the Editor, a column or article, make a constructive suggestion, or contribute your time and energy to any aspect of our external communications programs.
    Your help is very much appreciated and your personal contribution means a lot to our overall mission: to achieve effective OSJ member global communications--Pro Fide, Pro Utilitate Hominum.

Here are some current major interest areas of The Herald's readers:
   OSJ Unit News. Grand Priory, Priory, Commandery meetings, reports, calendar entries.
   Hospitaller Projects. New and existing project descriptions, news and updates, locations for the map, charitable events for the calendar and ongoing project reports.
   OSJ calendar items. Unit meetings, Investiture schedules (including a day-by-day program), fund raising events and other public events of the Order. 
   Event stories with photos. Capture your OSJ event in a story, news release, or feature article. Include photos with members clearly identified.
   Member profiles. In-depth profiles of unit leaders, Aspirants, or new and existing members and their photos.
   Member news. OSJ promotions and appointments, career highlights and achievements, OSJ and community, civic, educational, job and life events.
   OSJ history.  Articles and artifacts about OSJ history and traditions. Literature citations, photos, book references, current photos of historic OSJ-related sites. 
   Updates to member information. Changes in a member's contact information, especially email address changes.
   Web links and social media. Give us the URLs or www addresses of those OSJ-oriented Web sites you've discovered, or even your own site if you have one. When these links become available, join our social media outlets and reach out to old-and-new brothers and sisters in St. John.
   Communication is definitely a two-way street. For all of us at The Herald it has now become a superhighway and we can use your expertise in many areas, including copywriting, layout and design. There are many areas in which everyone can participate and grow in knowledge and understanding of our rich past and vibrant future as we care for the sick and poor of the world.
   Please feel free to suggest other topics of interest by emailing the editor.
   God bless each of you for the significant work you do for faith and service to humanity.

Yours in St. John,
The Herald Editorial Team
Maltese Cross 
The Order of St. John of Jerusalem, Knights Hospitaller
Under Royal Charter and Constitution Given By His Late Majesty King Peter II of Yugoslavia


Jerusalem c. 1048-1187 . Acre 1187-1291 . Cyprus 1292-1311 . Rhodes 1311-1523
Malta 1530-1798 . St. Petersburg 1798-1917 . France 1917-1962 . America 1962-1990
Malta 1990 Current Seat and World Headquarters OSJ


Some links are now clickable and will connect you directly by email to the person or department. Please contact The Herald and provide your email address in order to become an active link in the OSJ's global communication process.

HE Conventual Bailiff Grand Hospitaller Prior Antoon Cnudde OSJ


HE Bailiff Carol L. Marguerat OSJ . HE Bailiff John Micallef OSJ . HE Bailiff Prior Peter Murray OSJ HE Bailiff R. John Robb AM, OSJ . HE Bailiff Victor J. Techritz AM, OSJ

Lt. Grand Commander: Chevalier Guido Borg KGSJ
Lt. Grand Marshals: Chevalier Mauro Marchese KGSJ . Dame Annamaria Villa CJSJ
Lt. Grand Hospitaller: Chevalier Jan Bormans CJSJ





Antwerp (BE)  .  Apulia (IT)  .  Aros/Aarhus (DK)  .  Brabante (IT)  .  Calabria (IT)
Catania (IT)  .  Dagmar (DK)  .  Denmark (DK)  .  Emilia Toscana (IT)  .  Finland (FI)
Liguria (IT)  .  Liguria (IT)  .  Lombardo Veneto (IT)  .  Loon (BE)  .  Marche Bruzzo (IT)
Military (US)  .  Montefeltre (IT)  .  New York (US)  .  Niagara (CA)  .  Nord Orient (IT)
Ottawa (CA)  .  Palermo (IT)  .  Piemonte (IT)  .  Slype-Caestre (IT)  .  St. Francis (US)
Sud Tirol (IT)  .  Tasmania (AU)  .  Toronto (CA)  .  Trentino (IT)  .  Val D'Aosta (IT)
Vlaanderen (BE)   Western Australia (AU)  .  West Indies (VI)  .  York-Simcoe (CA)

Ecclesiastical Council: Prelate The Rev. Fr. Hans Van Ackere (BE) Roman Catholic Priest; Prelate The Rev. Niels Refskou (DE) Lutheran Priest; Prelate The Rev. Aleksej Sj÷berg (FI) Russian Orthodox Priest, and Prelate Archdeacon John Collas (AU) Anglican Archdeacon. General Secretary to LGM Bohe Francis van Remoortere GCSJ Order Chief Herald (Malta)Lt. Grand Councillor Order Chief Herald Gregory W. Schultz CJSJ Supreme Court:  His Honour Justice Klaus Priebe GCSJ (TAP-US)  His Honour Krister Thelin (St. Eskil-SE)  His Honour Justice Chevalier Andrew Bray Wilson (AU) His Honour Justice William Van Ness (US) and His Honour Auxiliary Justice Richard Muscat (RGPME).
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