December 2011 

Cryologics, Inc. 


Announcing CryoHCTM!


CryoHCTM is custom-manufactured using your in-house microbial isolate.  Each 0.1 mL aliquot contains 106 to 107 cfu, making it ideal for disinfectant efficacy testing, antimicrobial effectiveness testing, and a variety of other applications.


We can also custom-manufacture your CryoHCTM product to contain any concentration range you require.


Please click here for more information on CryoHCTM.

Once you've tried CryoHCTM, you will be convinced that the convenience, cost, turnaround time, and format are ideal for implementation of your in-house isolates into your compendial testing. 

Implementing your in-house isolates into your compendial testing is increasingly becoming a regulatory expectation.  Don't wait for the day when you have to respond to a 483 observation!  We can help.  Please visit our website for more information.