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Cryologics specializes in standardizing and cryopreserving your in-house microbial isolates, to achieve the format required for a variety of compendial applications.


These applications include: media growth promotion testing; USP <61>, <62> and <71> Method Suitability; validation of microbial recovery (USP <1227>); analyst qualification / proficiency testing; and Rapid Microbial Method (RMM) qualification.  


The use of in-house isolates in compendial testing has increasingly become a regulatory expectation. Click here for a list of compendial, regulatory and trade references on the subject.

Our Store&Ship Program

For those who don't have the necessary storage capability on-site, our Store&Ship™ program offers the convenience of storing and monitoring the inventory of your products at Cryologics without the need for storage at your site, and a fast and efficient means of requesting them. Click here to read how it works.

Alternaria spp 

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