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The composite masonry prism test is to determine how well the various materials work together. The procedure for making samples, curing and testing is specified in ASTM C 1314, Standard Test Method for Compressive Strength of Masonry Prisms. The method consists essentially of making sample assemblies of the materials to be used in the construction and then testing the assemblages to see what capacities that combination of materials will develop. Typically, three samples (or five samples for DSA) comprise a preconstruction set. One set is made and tested prior to starting of the work. Subsequent sets of three are taken at 5,000 square foot intervals during construction using the same masonry units, mortar, grout and masons used in the construction of the project.


The preconstruction prisms are to be constructed under the inspection of the project laboratories ICC or DSA masonry inspector. Care must be exercised in handling the prisms in order to prevent damage before testing. The prisms should be left undisturbed and under moist cover for two days after grouting before being moved to the laboratory. They are then cured in a moist condition, as specified and tested 28 days after grouting.


The test results for the preconstruction set must be tested, and meet the project specifications PRIOR to start of masonry construction. It is important that adequate time be allowed for the preparation, curing, testing and reporting of preconstruction masonry prisms in order to prevent project delays.


Reliant Testing Engineers, Inc. performs deputy inspection of masonry work on private, public and DSA projects. Our full service testing laboratory is performs the complete scope of masonry testing. Our laboratory technicians are certified by CMACN.
Concrete Masonry Prism Test -CMU Reliant Testing Engineers, inc.
Concrete Masonry Prism Test -CMU Reliant Testing Engineers, inc.

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