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March 2012
Concrete Moisture Testing 
Commonly Referred to as 
Vapor Emission Testing 
Calcium Chloride Testing

Is it bad concrete or bad adhesive?

Although both concrete and adhesives have changed over the years, the most probable answer to concrete adhesive failures today are Fast Track Construction and Adaptive Re-use.


Let's face it, buildings are constructed a lot faster than they used to be. Flooring is often installed over concrete that is not yet dry or before the HVAC System is operational, which can lead to problems later when the excess water vapor in the concrete is drawn upward by the dry conditioned air. Too often a decision to install floor coverings or coatings is based upon the simple demand to meet a schedule. If a concrete substrate has a moisture vapor emission level in excess of that which can be tolerated by the flooring material, the losses are rarely limited to the flooring itself. To compound an already costly situation, the need to vacate a floor after move-in, while repairs are made, can be extremely inconvenient and drive the cost of repairs even higher.


More often designers are changing older spaces that were once intended to be used for warehouses into shops, lofts and offices. This design is known as "adaptive re-use". These older buildings are frequently designed without a moisture vapor barrier due to no intended floor covering. Proactively testing the concrete prior to the installation of flooring may prevent the considerable losses attributed to moisture related floor covering failure. 

Prepping the Floor 
Scraping the Surface
Placing and Sealing the Calcium Chloride Test
Calcium Chloride Test in place 48 hr hold
The staff at Reliant Testing Engineers is trained in the proper use of Calcium Chloride Moisture Testing methods and can assist you in your concrete floors and decks moisture testing needs.

All testing and reporting is conducted in conformance with the project plans, specifications and ASTM E-1907-04 and ASTM F 1869.

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Moisture in Conrete Rendering
Moisture In Concrete
$1 Million to $2 Million a week cost.....

Failure of moisture-sensitive floor coverings placed on concrete

floors continues to be a major issue in the concrete, flooring,

and construction industries with an estimated cost of remediation on the order of $1 Million - $2Million per week.


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