January 2012

We'd like to start out 2012 by saying Thank You to those that helped make our new / used toy and clothing drive a success! We were able to donate 6 boxes of new toys, as well as $260.00 worth of gift cards to the Spark of Love toy drive.  

We donated 5 boxes of used clothing and toys to the Eli Home Women's Shelter Thrift Store. All proceeds from this thrift store go directly back into the homes themselves. For more info on the Eli home click here.

Special Thanks to:
Fullmer Co
Reliant Testing Engineers Provides Service to Kramer and Lawson

& All of our Inspectors that made donations as well. Your contribution was greatly appreciated!




Reliant Testing Engineers, Inc.


Geotechnical Engineering

Geotechnical Engineering is the investigation and evaluation of earth materials including soil, rock, groundwater and man-made materials. The evaluation includes determining how these materials will act under loading forces and in the presence of water. Geotechnical engineers use soil classification and principles of soil and rock mechanics to anticipate the interaction between earth materials and civil engineering structures, such as retaining walls, earth dams and structural foundations. Geotechnical engineers also evaluate various risks associated with a subject site including slope stability, liquefaction, and seismic hazards. Most projects require some form of field investigation including drilling and retrieving soil samples to evaluate the types of soil. Depending on the nature of the project, various laboratory tests are run on the soil samples to determine their properties.


Geotechnical engineering is important to a project as is a having a good geotechnical engineer. Although there are codes and guidelines that geotechnical engineers must follow, the geotechnical engineer must often use their best discretion in many situations. Proper investigation and research of the subject site will not only assure the design recommendations are acceptable for safety measures, but can save the owners time and money on the project. Geotechnical engineers often oversee construction to ensure their designs are properly being implemented during the construction process. (read more..) 

Ed Burrows- TGR Geotechnical

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Reliant Testing Engineers, Inc. provides professional engineering services in the areas of construction materials engineering and geotechnical engineering, including deputy inspection services, forensics and all related testing in our full-service laboratory. Whether you're in commercial/industrial development, healthcare, education, government, retail, infrastructure, a municipal agency or a contractor, Reliant will service your needs with the highest degree of professional excellence and proficiency.
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