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Reliant Testing Engineers Provides Construction Testing for the Irvine Company
Proper Usage of 4 by 8 inch Cylinder Molds

Reliant Testing Engineers, Inc. Provides Construction Testing for the Irvine Company


Reliant Testing Engineers, Inc., a leading engineering, testing and inspection services company serving real estate developers, building owners and general contractors in the Southern California area, contracted with the Irvine Company to perform construction quality control throughout the upscale Fashion Island Mall in Newport Beach, CA.

Reliant Testing Engineers performed all structural materials engineering, deputy inspection and related testing for Fashion Island's Luxury and Seismic upgrades.  In addition to quality control, Reliant provided on-going Ground Penetrating Radar services for over 3,000 penetrations into the post-tensioned slabs and waffle decks in the Fashion Island Mall and the Island Hotel.

The Reliant testing services project included a 600,000 square foot, five level parking structure adjacent to Neiman Marcus, a 400,000 square foot addition and upgrades to the existing parking structure near Nordstrom's, the new Nordstrom's store, the 90,000 square foot expansion of the Atrium Court, the Island Hotel Remodel and seismic upgrades throughout Fashion Island.

Denise DeGroff, CEO/President of Reliant Testing Engineers, Inc. states, "Fashion Island is the heartbeat of South Orange County.  The upgrades to the Center have created both a beautiful and relaxing setting, and a safe one, as well.  Reliant is proud to be a part of the Irvine Company team on these projects."


About Reliant Testing Engineers, Inc. 

Reliant Testing Engineers, Inc., located in Santa Ana, CA, provides engineering, materials testing and construction inspection services, to real estate developers, building owners, general contractors, government, municipalities and school districts.  Since 2004, Reliant Testing has been a leader in cost-effective testing and inspection services to the construction industry throughout Southern California.  Contact Reliant Testing Engineers, Inc. at (714) 556-5867, or by email at






Reliant Testing Engineers, Inc. provides professional engineering services in the areas of construction materials engineering and geotechnical engineering, including deputy inspection services, forensics and all related testing in our full-service laboratory. Whether you're in commercial/industrial development, healthcare, education, government, retail, a municipal agency, or a contractor, we will service your needs with the highest degree of professional excellence and proficiency.


Since 2004, Reliant Testing has been a leader in cost-effective construction Quality Control and Quality Assurance services throughout Southern California.  Contact Reliant Testing Engineers, Inc. at (714) 556-5867, or by email at for more information. 


Denise DeGroff



   Proper Usage of 4 by 8 inch Cylinder Molds



Proper Usage of Cylinders

Building code amendments allow for usage of 4 x 8 inch cylinder molds for concrete compression testing.  In response to this change, Reliant receives many questions regarding the utilization of 4 x 8 inch cylinder molds.  Following is a response to the most frequently asked questions:
  1. Are 4 x 8 inch concrete cylinder molds allowable by CBC and DSA?
    • Per ASTM C31M-10 the specimen size shall be directed by the specifier of the tests.  The cylinder length shall be twice the diameter of the cylinder, and the cylinder diameter shall be at least 3 times the nominal size of the course aggregate.
    • The 4 x 8 inch cylinders are allowed on non-DSA projects if approved by the specifier
    • DSA does NOT approve the use of 4 X 8 inch cylinders.

  2. Are there any variables on testing with 4 x 8 inch cylinders?
    • Per ACI 318. - A strength test shall be the average of the strengths of at least two 6 x 12 inch cylinders or at least three 4 by 8 inch cylinders made from the same sample of concrete and tested at 28 days or at test age designated for determination of f'c.
    • Testing three 4 by 8 inch cylinders preserves the confidence level of the average strength because 4 by 8 inch cylinders tend to have approximately 20 percent higher within-test variability than 6 by 12 inch cylinders.

  3. Will I incur additional fees for the extra cylinder when 4 x 8 inch cylinders are used?
    • To prevent an increase in compression test fees, Reliant provides pricing by "sets" of cylinders versus individual cylinders. This prevents the client from incurring fees for the additional compression test when utilizing 4" x 8" inch molds.

  4. What do you do with the used concrete samples and molds?
    • Reliant uses biodegradable cylinder molds.  Per ASTM standards cylinder molds and lids are to be used one time.  Reliant delivers all our used molds and lids to a recycling center.  
    • The concrete samples are given to landscape firms to be re-purposed as fill, site retaining and border products.  

The results of laboratory tests are only as good as the procedures that run them. Therefore, city and governmental agencies often require materials laboratories to hold specific certifications and participate in various industry -accreditation programs. At Reliant, our laboratories meet all these requirements.


Our laboratory-testing services meet ASTM, CCRL, AMRL, ASHTO, City of Los Angeles, City of San Diego, DSA OSHPD and Caltrans procedures. All our equipment is calibrated and certified to meet or exceed the highest industry standards. Furthermore, our certified laboratory technicians are experienced in performing all testing related to geotechnical design, geotechnical and structural field inspections, concrete trial batches, and forensic evaluations. Our engineering and laboratory staff has designed innovative tests to assist with project-specific requirements, including historical buildings.


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Reliant Testing Engineers Provides Service to Kramer and Lawson

Reliant Testing Engineers has been providing testing services on numerous projects that I have been the Structural Engineer of Record for over 5 years. Reliant has set themselves apart from other testing firms by their level of commitment to insuring the proper interpretation of the drawings and the timely completion of projects.

Ms. Denise Degroff, President, has shown an exceptional level of understanding and commitment to the construction process in general and the testing requirements in particular.  She is a dedicated professional who wins the respect of others through her hard work, integrity, and desire to provide the best services available.
I can confidently recommend Reliant Testing Engineers for any project that requires testing services.
David Kramer, S.E.
President, Kramer Engineering, Inc.
Reliant Testing Engineers, Inc. 
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