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April/May 2011

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Reliant Testing Engineers Provides Construction Testing for Rancho District
Ground Penetrating Radar: The New Standard

Reliant Testing Engineers, Inc. Provides Construction Testing for Rancho District 


Reliant Testing Engineers providing service to RSCCD  

Reliant Testing Engineers, Inc., a leading engineering, testing and inspection services company serving real estate developers, building owners and general contractors in the Southern California area, has contracted with the Rancho Santiago Community College District to provide a full range of engineering testing.

The Santiago Canyon Campus of the Rancho Santiago Community College District (RSCCD) is constructing a $30 million, 97,521 square foot Humanities building with a 324-seat auditorium and faculty office.  The Athletics and Aquatic Complex is a $20 million, 72,090 square foot gymnasium, fitness center, training and rehabilitation center and swimming complex.  The project is slated to be completed in early 2012.


Reliant Testing has been awarded the contract by the RSCCD for the Humanities Building, Athletic Facilities and Aquatic Complex to provide the DSA Deputy Inspection and Materials testing.  The testing performed by Reliant Testing includes reinforcing steel, concrete, masonry, structural steel fabrication and erection, high strength bolting, fireproofing, shotcrete, proof load testing and all related laboratory testing.

Alex Ovieda, Construction Supervisor, District Construction and Support Services for the Rancho Santiago Community College District states, "Reliant Testing Engineers is very responsive enabling us to keep on schedule.  Their expertise has enabled us to save both time and money throughout the construction phase of this large, complex project."


Denise DeGroff, CEO/President of Reliant Testing Engineers, Inc. states, "This is our second project for the RSCCD.  The Santiago Campus is a showcase for community colleges in So. California.  Reliant Testing is excited to provide our expertise

for the testing and laboratory work on this large construction project for the Rancho Santiago Community College District."


About Reliant Testing Engineers, Inc.

Reliant Testing Engineers, Inc., located in Santa Ana, CA, provides engineering, testing and inspection services, as well as, professional laboratory and project management services to real estate developers, building owners, general contractors, government, municipalities and school districts.  Since 2004, Reliant Testing has been a leader in cost-effective testing and inspection services to the construction industry throughout Southern California.  Contact Reliant Testing Engineers, Inc. at (714) 556-5867, or by email at





Reliant Testing Engineers, Inc. provides professional engineering services in the areas of construction materials engineering and geotechnical engineering including deputy inspection services, forensics and all related materials testing in our full service laboratory.   We provide services to healthcare, government, municipal agencies, real estate developers, contractors, K-12 school districts and higher learning facilities. 


Since 2004, Reliant Testing has been a leader in cost-effective construction Quality Control and Quality Assurance services throughout Southern California.  Contact Reliant Testing Engineers, Inc. at (714) 556-5867, or by email at for more information. 


Denise DeGroff



Ground Penetrating Radar:

The New Standard

Ground Probing Radar

Ground Penetrating Radar 

(GPR) is a safe and reliable option to the non-destructive testing method of Radiography (X-ray).  Due to a variety of factors, GPR has been used in the construction industry for many years and has been the popular alternative to X-rays.


What is Structural GPR?

Structural Ground Penetrating Radar is an inspection method using radar pulses to image the sub-surface of concrete, masonry and other building materials. 


GPR is a) lower in cost, b) minimizes the need to access both sides of an area, c) involves virtually no set-up time, d) GPR can locate non-metallic utilities buried within concrete, and e) data is gathered quickly with the results produced immediately. 


Additionally, GPR does not emit harmful radiation as does X-rays.  It is a safer inspection method and alleviates the need to stop access to an area being scanned.


Reliant Testing Engineers, Inc. staff is highly trained in GPR and currently uses GPR according to the ASTM International standards as one of its many testing and inspection services.  Reliant Testing provides GPR services affordably and effectively for rebar depth profile, pavement structure evaluation, post-tension cable and rebar locating, bridge deck assessment and concrete thickness verification, as well as, to locate voids in masonry walls.


Reliant Testing has conducted over 2,500 penetrations using GPR at the Fashion Island shopping mall in Newport Beach, CA for the Irvine Co., including an existing post tensioned parking structure and the waffle deck of the courtyard adjacent to Nordstrom's.  Reliant Testing also used GPR for the remodel of the Island Hotel in Irvine, and the USC California Science Center Expansion and new Aquarium. 


Contact Reliant Testing Engineers, Inc. at (714) 556-5867, or by email at for more information.



Bacchus Development Corp 
Bacchus Development has retained Reliant Testing Engineers for five consecutive projects in the Irvine Spectrum area. The projects have consisted of multi building campus type office parks, ranging in size up to 23 acres and up to fifty buildings per park. They have performed geotechnical observations and testing, as well as deputy inspections, and materials testing.
The schedules have been fast and hectic, but they have always managed to keep up, and have been our eyes in the field. I consider them to be "employees", as they don't just do the minimum, but truly are looking out for our best interests. It is not uncommon to receive a phone call or email from them, suggesting a way to save money. Often times, these savings will come at their own expense, ie. the changes will decrease their scope of work. No matter what the issue is, there will always be someone available to hear my concerns, or those of Contractors, Architects and Engineers, and to react accordingly. Attitude, reliability, and service are paramount to me in this industry, in addition to fulfilling contractual expectations, and being competitively priced. Reliant Testing has excelled in all capacities. I have used many inspection service companies in the past.  I do not expect to use any other than Reliant in the future, and would definitely recommend them to anyone.
Torry Lozano
President of Construction and Development
Bacchus Development Corp.
Reliant Testing Engineers, Inc. 
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