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Moll Rotafile storage units & The RH Logic chair... 

2 things your office shouldn't be without!!



Welcome to the latest edition of the DAL+BRANDS newsletter!

In this newsletter you will find information on two fantastic products. The RH Logic chair and Moll Rotafile storage units. 

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RH Logic chair - 24/7

RH Logic 400 24 hr. A chair that is used all day long naturally needs to beextra comfortable and durable. RH Logic 400 as a 24hr chair is equipped with extra hardwearing fabric, a back rest and seat pad in natural fibre to give the chair maximum ventilation. 
Logic 400 is tested and approved to EU standards 
(EN 1335, compliant with ISO 7173 for 24 hr chairs). As standard, the RH Logic 400 24 hr is equipped with a pump-adjusted lumbar support, castors for soft floors and a graphite aluminium base. 
The RH Logic chair is available in 4 different versions: standard, comfort, elegance and 24 hr.
There are many different features, accessories and fabrics available.
Moll Rotafile storage units

Wall space is the resource in shortest supply in offices. Moll rotary files require less floor space and wall space that standard shelving with the same storage capacity. Thanks to the fact that less distance needs to be covered to access the files, and that less distance needs to be covered to access the files, and that the files themselves take up less space.

This compact round storage system for files makes it possible to more effectively utilise office and filing space. 

Moll storage units are available in a range of different models: Round column, Square column and Lockfile (round column in cupboard). Each model has many different features and accessories available.
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For more information on the RH chairs, please visit our seating website... www.dalseting.com.au


For more information on the Moll storage units, please visit our storage website... www.dalstorage.com.au

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Moll Rotafile.

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RH Logic chair.

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