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 December 2011
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Solutions at Work serves about 6,000 homeless and low-income people annually.  Our programs are at maximum capacity and we are in the heartbreaking position of having to turn people away.
Please make a financial contribution today.  With your support, we will help even more people achieve self-sufficiency.
Dear Friend of Solutions at Work,

Your holiday season can be about
more than merely giving or getting.  It can be about participating.

We invite you to participate in Solutions at Work's efforts to end homelessness by making a financial contribution today.

As you likely know, Solutions at Work provides the following resources to 6,000 homeless and low-income people annually to help them achieve self-sufficiency:

--Professional Attire

--Children's Clothing, Books, and Toys
--Moving Services

What you may not know is that, unlike most nonprofit organizations, we intentionally call the people who receive these resources "participants" rather than "clients" or "consumers."  This is because most of the people we serve help others who are living in poverty by giving back to Solutions at Work.

Even our youngest participants seize opportunities to help others in need.  Recently fourteen children who receive clothing, books, and toys from Solutions at Work painted vases that were raffled off at our First Annual Gala.  As you can tell from the photos below, the children approached their work with unforgettable enthusiasm and care.  They are so proud of the fact that their efforts generated $2,000 for Solutions at Work, and rightly so!

Please join the children who painted vases for our Gala in supporting Solutions at Work by making a financial contribution today.  We truly appreciate your continued interest and participation.

Happy Holidays,

Lauren Corduck
Executive Director

Muhammad, a six-year-old boy from Cambridge, took time to paint a vase on his birthday.
Jessica is a thirteen-year-old girl from Cambridge.  When asked what she enjoys most about Solutions at Work, Jessica thoughtfully replied, "People give and they get."
Karina, a ten-year-old girl from Boston, loves riding her bike and dreams of being a singer when she grows up.
Elajia, an eight-year-old girl from Boston, loves to play basketball and dreams of being a veterinarian or fashion model when she grows up.