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Festival Preparations Nearly Overshadowed
Entangled Loon Rescued

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We had a busy September with loon rescues- an immature loon on Winnipesaukee (pictured below), a juvenile on the Nippo Pond Golf Course (yes, I said Golf Course) and an adult on Center Pond in Nelson.  I'm going to call this newsletter the "Rescue Issue" because both stories written by LPC field biologists recount the efforts to save two loons this summer and fall.  The dedication and teamwork involved to rescue even one loon is truly amazing!
 Tangled Immature Loon
Before you read on, I'd like to take a minute to thank a few companies for their generous donations.  Mercury Marine donated two boat motors to LPC at the beginning of the field season which were used on Winnipesaukee & Squam Lakes this summer.  Irwin Marine donated their time to install the new motors and Squam Boat Livery serviced the motor on the Squam boat and provided the banner for the photo below.
Boat Motor
LPC also received a generous donation of non-lead jigs from Timmy Tom's Jig Company.  Some of the jigs were distributed at the annual NH Fishing & Hunting expo in Concord last month and were a big hit!


Don't forget to buy raffle tickets for your chance to win a beautiful queen-sized quilt, an Old Town kayak or a one-of-a-kind framed loon print.  The drawing will be held at the Holiday Open House on Saturday, November 26, 2011.  Lastly, we are working on archiving previous e-newsletters on our website, so make sure to check back soon in case you missed an issue. 

Enjoy fall and all its' beauty,

SummerRescueFestival Preparations Nearly Overshadowed by Loon Rescue

By Sarah Baker, 2010-2011 Monadnock Field Biologist


The dust had settled and the sun had set. We had just finished setting up for the 34th Annual Loon Festival and were sitting down to a well-earned dinner.

....All of a sudden the phone rang....


X-ray of Immature LoonAn immature loon that had been spotted days earlier on Winnipesaukee, entangled in fishing line, had finally been captured. Senior biologist, John Cooley, picked up the young loon and transferred it to me and 2 of my fellow field biologists, Liz Jackson of Winnipesaukee and Krista Newell of the North Country. An x-ray taken at Winnipesaukee Veterinary Emergency Center showed a fishing hook embedded in the esophagus. In an effort to get the loon immediate attention, it was transported to Capital Area Veterinary Emergency Services (C.A.V.E.S.) in Concord, NH.

Upon arrival at C.A.V.E.S., the loon was admitted and the x-ray was examined. In addition to the large amount of fishing gear consumed, the line had wrapped around it's body causing lacerations.  Veterinarian Matt DelGrosso prescribed a course of antibiotics and after conferring with the Center Manager, Wendy Munroe, was able to donate an endoscopic procedure attempting to extract the hook. Unfortunately, for our young friend, it was impossible to remove the hook without causing further damage to its esophagus. The C.A.V.E.S staff tended the bird through the night and then transferred it to Fisherville Animal Hospital in Concord with hopes that the hook could be removed through minor surgery. Again, unfortunately for this loon, surgery was not an option. 

The immature loon was then transferred to Maria Colby at Wings of the Dawn Sanctuary in Henniker, NH in a last effort, hoping it could somehow dislodge and pass the hook. However, weakened by the struggle of entanglement and stress of the situation, the loon succumbed to an early passing.

The Loon Preservation Committee would like to thank all those who assisted in the rescue of this immature Common Loon. Although this individual did not make it, we hope the relationships and knowledge gained in the process will help save the next one!


CenterPondRescueEntangled Loon Rescued on Center Pond

By Mike Sharon, 2009-2010 Umbagog Field Biologist

Center Pond Loon
Photo by Evan Laughlin

I received an email from Susie Burbidge asking if anyone could respond to a call about a possible tangled loon on Center Pond in Nelson, NH. I happened to be in Keene that day and had just

finished studying, so I decided to check it out.  Upon my arrival, I found a man named Bud with a dog crate that I could use in the event the loon needed to be transported to a rehabilitator. He told me Buzz (the man who called LPC to report the loon) was at the boat launch waiting for me with a row boat.


After a quick introduction, Buzz paddled me out to meet his son Evan who was keeping an eye on the loon.  Buzz then dropped me on shore and he and Evan started to drive the loon closer to my position. I was now in the water with net in hand, waiting for a chance to scoop up the bird.  The loon cooperated well and in no time I had captured it.


I used my shirt to cover its' head (this helps calm the bird) and explained to Buzz how to carefully hold the head to avoid injury to both of them.  I proceeded to get control of the loon's wings and legs and then asked Evan to start (gingerly) cutting the large amount of monofilament line away from the birds head, neck and wings.  Some of the line around the neck was very tight, but Evan gently got his finger behind the line and kept cutting. After removing all of the fishing line, I checked the loon again for any other injuries or signs that it had swallowed some fishing tackle.  Thankfully, I concluded that the bird was just severely tangled and could be released right away.  Buzz set the bird in the water and I released the head. The loon immediately dove and swam out about 50 feet before it popped up. It wailed a few times and then settled down and started preening.


My hat's off to Buzz and Evan Laughlin for their patience, care and hard work. Thanks to Bud for providing the carrier and to the loon for being so cooperative. I hope it has a safe flight back to the ocean this fall.


Lastly, I want to wish Buzz a Happy Birthday (his birthday was the next day)!


The Loon Preservation Committee is dedicated to restoring and maintaining a healthy population of loons throughout New Hampshire; monitoring the health and productivity of loon populations as sentinels of environmental quality; and promoting a greater understanding of loons and the natural world.
Susie Burbidge
Outreach/Volunteer Coordinator
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