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 Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions - July 6, 2011 

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July 20-21

Chicago, Illinois

The Institute's Lydia Olander will moderate a panel during the Coalition on Agricultural Greenhouse Gases meeting.


August 19

Chapel Hill, North Carolina

The Institute's Amy Morsch will speak at the symposium "Climate and Health in North Carolina: Emerging Threats, Risks and Opportunities."



For more information on upcoming events, visit the Nicholas Institute's website. 


In the News

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The Huffington Post, Ailing Economies Push Richer Countries to Tap Emergency Oil Reserves


Indonesia Finance TodayThe Green Economy: An Indigenous Spirit of Indonesia? 


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Gumerman Presents Renewables Work to Committee in Florida Senate
Gumerman Presents Renewables Work to Committee in Florida Senate

Report: U.S. Efforts in Water, Sanitation

WaterSanitationCoverA new Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions report reviews the progress made by United States entities toward improving access to safe water and sanitation worldwide since 2005. Informed by interviews with key stakeholders in the sector, the paper looks at what has been achieved, what has changed and what still requires attention. Learn more about how it all came together in the latest entry on The Water Log.


Exploring Alternatives for California 

The Nicholas Institute recently assisted the state of California with the framework for their emission-reduction goals, which aim to decrease emissions to 1990 levels. A recent policy brief covers information on a carbon fee as one of several alternatives to cap and trade for achieving that goal.


Journal Publishes Forest Offsets Work

The journal Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies for Global Change has published a study co-authored by Nicholas Institute researchers, which discusses the three types of risks that could affect forest offsets. 


Researcher Named to Climate Group

A Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions researcher is among those selected for a working group tasked with exploring the impacts of climate change on agriculture and forestry.


The Effect of Spending on Emissions 

A new study analyzes five surface transportation spending scenarios, spanning what's proposed by the Obama Administration and nearing the amount expected to be set by the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, in order to determine their effect on greenhouse gas emissions.


Stacking Ecosystem Services Credits

The benefits and pitfalls associated with stacking payments for ecosystem services are identified in the report "Stacking Ecosystem Services Payments: Risks and Solutions."


Pizer Starts Work at Duke

William Pizer, formerly a top U.S. Treasury Department official, is now at Duke. Pizer holds a joint appointment as a faculty member of the Sanford School of Public Policy and the Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions.


The Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions helps decision makers create timely, effective, and economically practical solutions to the world's most critical environmental challenges.

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