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Greetings. May was a busy and historic month for viral hepatitis awareness, testing, and advocacy. This issue of CalHEP's newsletter provides a recap of some activities that took place last month.

Is your organization participating in World Hepatitis Day (July 28, 2012) events? If so, let me know so I can share with other CalHEP members. Send details to

Finally, I encourage you to check out CalHEP's online referral guide. This guide provides information about viral hepatitis services and is searchable by county. If you have any resources you would like added, please contact me



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CalHEP Honors  

Viral Hepatitis Leaders  


On May 19, 2012, the CalHEP Steering Committee honored several leaders in the fight against viral hepatitis at its policy meeting and legislative day in Sacramento.


Mimi Chang and Koy Parada, co-chairs of Hep B Free Los Angeles, received the annual Sherri Ziegler Community Service Award. This award is nominated by community members and chosen by the CalHEP Steering Committee to recognize outstanding community advocates and educators.


CalHEP also honored Assemblywoman Fiona Ma with its Legislative Champion Award in honor of her tireless efforts to end the viral hepatitis epidemic as a legislator, educator, and public spokesperson.


Finally, we recognized Martha Saly with a Community Champion Award for her leadership in co-founding CalHEP and her many years of federal, state, and local viral hepatitis advocacy.

Congratulations to all of this year's honorees!



Mimi and Koy
Sherri Ziegler Award winners Mimi Chang and Koy Parada

 Assemblywoman Fiona Ma with  

CalHEP Steering Committee member Ted Fang 


Martha Saly with CalHEP Steering Committee Chair Leslie Benson 


CalHEP honorees Mimi Chang, Assemblywoman Fiona Ma,  

Koy Parada, and Martha Saly


All pictures taken by Mimi Schott 

CalHEP Lobby Day 


The CalHEP Steering Committee, along with invited guests, visited over 30 legislative offices at the State Capitol on May 23, 2012, to educate them about the viral hepatitis epidemic in California and ask for their help in implementing the state's strategic plan and educating their constituents.

Most offices agreed to provide information about the need to be screened for hepatitis B and C to their constituents through their e-newsletters or other form of communication. CalHEP has provided sample language for them to use. This is an excellent way for legislators to help in the fight against viral hepatitis. If you would like help asking your legislators to do the same, contact Ryan Clary.

State Legislature Unanimously Approves Hepatitis Resolution 

The State Senate and Assembly voted unanimously to approve SCR 75, a resolution declaring May 2012 as Viral Hepatitis Awareness in California.

CalHEP thanks Senator Sam Blakeslee (San Luis Obispo) for again authorizing this important resolution and Senator Mark Leno (San Francisco) for speaking in support on the Senate floor.

Also, many thanks to CalHEP Steering Committee member David Kilburn for his hard work in securing this resolution! 

In The Spotlight 


Berkeley Free Clinic Observes  

National Hepatitis Testing Day   

On May 19, 2012, The Berkeley Free Clinic spent 8 hours providing free rapid hepatitis C testing to 35 clients as part of the historic first National Hepatitis Testing Day.  Counselors at the clinic also provided viral hepatitis education in individualized sessions.

You can read more about this highly successful event here

In The News 


Media coverage during Hepatitis Awareness Month 

The first National Hepatitis Testing Day, combined with the release of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's draft guidelines recommending hepatitis C testing of all Baby Boomers received significant media attention.

The San Francisco Chronicle printed an article on the front page of its May 19, 2012 edition, the Los Angeles Times ran an article on May 2, 2012, featuring CalHEP Steering Committee Chair Leslie Benson, the California Health Report ran a story on June 12, 2012 focused on National Viral Hepatitis Testing Day, and on May 22, 2012, AsianWeek printed a recap of a highly successful hepatitis B and C testing event at the Asian Heritage Street Celebration.

Thank You!

CalHEP recently received grants from Genentech, Vertex, and Merck We thank them for their generous support!


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