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1st Grade-8th Grade
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Thanksgiving Feast
It's a Mable Tradition! Students will have a feast fit for a pilgrim! On Tuesday, November 22, all students are invited to purchase a Thanksgiving feast for lunch. The cost of the feast is $6.00 and must be paid in cash or by check. This year, we are  also inviting parents to join in on the feast. The cost for parents is $6.00.Please return both the student and parent R.S.V.P. forms by Friday, November 18. Thank you!

Student R.S.V.P. Form

Parent R.S.V.P. Form- Coming Soon!!!

Parent Association Food Drive-Meals from the Heart
Each year Mable Campus coordinates a food drive to gather Thanksgiving dinners for over 40 families in Anaheim. We strongly encourage each child to participate by bringing in one of the items from the following list.

Thanksgiving Holiday
On Wednesday, November 23, school will be closed for teacher inservice and will remain closed on Thursday, November 24, and Friday, November 25, for the Thanksgiving holiday. We look forward to seeing all the students relaxed and ready to go on Monday, November 28.

November Lunch Menu

Feature Article Article
Science Experiment Has 5th Graders Keeping One Eye Open


Cow Eye DissectionEyeballs! Wasn't Halloween last week? Halloween was last week, but this week in Mrs. Baham's science class 5th graders dissected a cow's eye! Jamie, in Mrs. Gilliland's class enjoyed seeing the retna because, "It was the prettiest part." However, she did think the eye was, "Sticky and smelled like rotten egg." Ewwwww!

Sarah and Emma from Mr. Edmisten's class explained the whole dissection process. After gathering the required tools-- tweezers, scissors, and scalpel --  they began the dissection process. They explained, "First, you had to make two incisions. Then, you had to cut off all the fat around the eye and remove the jelly substance and the lens." At this point they describe the eye as feeling "hard, like a marble." Sarah and Emma continue, "You had to pull off the retna and find the optic nerve, which is your eye's blind spot." Both Emma and Sarah shared a most fascinating fact; that the cow's eye has something called tapetum, which is not found in human eyes and, "is very colorful."

One fact that Sarah thought was very interesting about the dissection was that the eye was, "Hard, and not squishy like you think," while Emma was most interested to find out, "The retina is a hole in the eye."

Each 5th grade student participated in the dissection with a partner. This is the first time that elementary students have done an animal part dissection in science lab. Sounds like it was a hit!

All photos from the cow dissection can be seen here, on Fairmont's Flickr page.


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Dates to Know Date 

Tuesday, November  22
Thanksgiving Feast
Student R.S.V.P. Form
Forms are due back by Friday, November 18

Wednesday, November 23   
No School- Teacher Inservice

Thursday, November 24- Friday, November 25
No School- Thanksgiving Holiday

Monday, November 28
CHOC Toy Drive Begins

Tuesday, November 29  
8th Grade Peer-to-Peer Day at the Prep Academy

Friday, December 2
Short Friday