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August 30, 2012 - Vol 4, Issue 2
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Greetings Augmented Affábile Antecedents!


Change is hard. It can cause disruption and uncertainty. Now that school has started, we've all had some disruption in our lives. Our daily routines change as we get "back to work" or "back to school."


To me, last week resembled "Shock and Awe." Between the "introductory lectures" each student had to endure from teachers, as well as all the administrative tasks teachers needed to accomplish during the first week, few teachers had the opportunity to actually teach. Now that we are past the "Shock and Awe" week... the fun can begin and we can commence with learning music!


On the subject of learning music, music students should be practicing at least 20-30 minutes a day in order to keep up with classroom expectations. I also came across two articles about a study of people who practiced music early in life, yet quit to pursue something else. They concluded that with childhood music lessons, "his or her brain has been changed in ways that improve mental function" in adulthood. We all know the benefits of brain development in music students and how they stimulate the neural pathways and increase mental retention, yet now, we understand that even if a student quits after a few years of playing music, the benefits live on.
       Read the articles here:  L.A. Times
       And here:  Science Daily  

I found them interesting, yet hope that a few clever students don't use the study to claim that they don't NEED to practice anymore. Regardless, I hope you can take the time to read the articles.


As always, our website, has calendar information and other resources for parents and students.


Musically Yours,


Mathew Schick 

General Class News


Everything is going very smoothly in each class. I look forward to meeting all of you at tonight's Back to School Night to share my thoughts, directions, and plans for this school year. Be sure and visit our website and use it as a resource. If you find any broken links or something that doesn't quite seem right, please contact me. I'm striving this year to make it our #1 source of information for the Instrumental Music Department.


Missing Forms Update

Marching Band - 7 (1 Handbook, 6 Instrument Forms)
Color Guard - 0 - WHOOP!

Jazz Band - 5 (3 Instrument forms, 2 Handbooks)

Wind Ensemble - 7 (2 Instrument Forms, 5 Handbooks)

Symphony Orchestra - 18 (4 Instrument Forms, 14 Handbooks)

String Orchestra - 10 (3 instrument Forms, 7 Handbooks)

Students are now losing points for each day that they don't turn in forms. I've read off students' names every day in class and will start to send e-mails home next week if we do not receive the forms. 



Marching Band 

Every morning, we are out on the field doing wondering things! The class has decided to celebrate birthdays this year and we've already passed out a few balloons and sung horrendous versions of "Happy Birthday."


Last week, we posted the after school practice schedules of Color Guard, Drumline and Marching Band. I moved that list to and added them in the main calendar. Don't forget, we have pictures posted of Band Camp as well as the parent performance. Please check them out.




This Friday, August 31st, the Band will travel to the first Football game of the season. All the details are posted on our calendar at, but every week, I will summarize them in the Newsletter.   

Event:  Away Football Game at Santa Paula High School
Location:  Santa Paula High School,
                 404 North Sixth Street, Santa Paula, CA 93060
Call Time: 5:00pm ....  (Equipment Crew, Water Crew, Support Crew - 4:30pm)
Start Time:  7:30pm
End Time:  11:00pm @ at CVHS. Students are encouraged to call home once the bus is in La Crescenta.

Dress:  Polo Shirt, Blue Jeans, White Shoes
Misc:  We will meet at CV, take attendance and travel by bus to Santa Paula High School. We will play pep songs in the stands. Students will be fed a 3rd quarter snack and have the option of purchasing items at the food shack.




Tryouts for the Pasadena City College Tournament of Roses Honor Band are Sunday October 14th . 

This is great experience for all! We had great representation last year and I hope to encourage more CV kids to try out and participate!

Get more information online at:   PCC ToR Honor Band





Where were you July 27th? A bunch of dedicated kids camped in Big Bear planning for the upcoming Marching Band Year. Then Drumline, Color Guard and the Band Council stayed at CVHS the week of August 6th planning, cleaning, copying music, and getting ready to welcome a gaggle of Band Freshmen on August 3rd. Then there were over 100 eager, motivated, and talented musicians who spent from August 6-17 sweating, practicing, and spending 8 hours a day on campus to learn how to march and perfect our upcoming field show.


"It takes a huge amount of dedication to commit that kind of time; and I just want to say how proud I am of the students who decided to spend 2-3 weeks of their summer preparing for the marching band season." 


The following students earned special recognition during Band Camp:

Most Spirited Freshmen - Michelle Rasic

Hardest Working Freshmen - Jaemin Lee

Most Outstanding Freshmen - Emily Hayhurst

Best Freshmen Marcher - Audrey Black

Most Spirited Upperclassmen - Emily Hardin

Hardest Working Upperclassmen - Trevor Fonda

Most Outstanding Upperclassmen - Katie Myres
Best Upperclassmen Marcher - Adan Martinez

"Band Awesome" - Crysta Ross

"Band Awesome" - Ayman Ahmed

"Band Awesome" - Lisa Chik


I'd also like to thank the following parents (and siblings*), for without their support and willingness to go the extra mile, we would not have had snacks, water, uniforms and everything else!

Uniforms: JULIE SALMON - Head organizer           

                 Tracey Black, Jan Benson, Jan Archer, Drew Hardin, Kerry Hardin, Maggie O'Rourke, 

                 Anna Severson, Karen Lee, Janice Lee, Mary Nolte, Julie Logan, MaryLou Matheu, 

                 Jeremy Benson*, Mary Salmon*.

Water:  The Hancock Family and Bobbie Brenneisen.

Snacks:  Kristin Conder, Drew Hardin, Denise Pearson, Martie Kawahara, Lee Ann Emirkhanian, 

              John Kornarens, Bobbie Brenneisen.

Thank you to those who donated snacks during band camp too. Everything was a big hit, especially the fruit!


And I would have been lost without Coleen Godwin and Christine Artis who worked so diligently and effectively in the Band Office!


Thank you! 



Jazz Band and Wind Ensemble


Jazz Band


We're into the Swing! Today was our first day with sectional "coaches." The group is working on basic, straight ahead swing and shuffle. The class is sounding great and we're just continuing to work on listening and articulation in the Jazz style. Yesterday, Mr. Tutobene, our Improvisational and Jazz coach came in to work with the students.


September 15th - Full Jazz Band AND Drumline Evening

September 23rd - Pedrini's - Combo 1-2pm

September 28th - CV Weekly - Combo Gig 5-8pm 




Wind Ensemble


It's been a great two weeks getting to know everyone and establishing good musical rehearsal patterns and performing techniques. We've been analyzing melodies and recognizing which musical lines to "bring out."

Friday, 8/31: Seating Quiz on "Forest Park Overture"

Next week Wednesday, 9/5: Scale Quiz on G Major and e minor  



Symphony and String Orchestra


String Orchestra


We've had a few switching from the "Army of Cellos," but they are still a force to be reckoned with! We've been looking at bowings, finger positions and establishing the point of not playing on open strings in order to achieve a better sound.


Friday, 8/31: Seating Placement Quiz
Wednesday, 9/5: Scale Quiz on G Major and e minor 




Symphony Orchestra


We're looking at some GREAT music! Last week we passed out "Hoe-Down" from Aaron Copland; and this week we passed out "American Salute" by Morton Gould and "Beethoven's 6th Symphony." I'm toying with the idea of working on all 5 movements of the Beethoven! I think this group can handle it!


Friday, 8/31: Seating Placement Quiz - All Strings
Wednesday, 9/5: Scale Quiz on G Major and e minor 



CVIM Corner 




1.  Football Snack Chairperson - URGENT... Football Season has begun!  We need one parent (or two parents to split the football schedule) to come come to the Music Room at "Call Time" to pull snacks from the cupboard that will be used for that game and load them into the trailer tow vehicle.  After the halftime show, you will set the snacks out for the band to enjoy during their 3rd quarter break, then clean up/pack up the snack box.  The band really appreciates this person! 
2.  Football SNACKS - Please donate SNACKS for the 3rd quarter break at Football games.  The kids really like fresh, filling snacks (please, no chocolate, which can stain the uniforms) like: Cheese & Crackers, Fresh cut fruit (apples, oranges, etc.), Grapes, Cheese Sticks, Snack Bars, etc.  Just ask what your own band member would like!
3.  Symphony/Strings Manager - Second semester is a season of performances at various music festivals. These two musical groups need a parent to coordinate activities and prevent loose ends.  You will attend the performances, take care of various needs of the students and Mr. Schick, and become an important part of the program.


Thank you for volunteering and donating!




What is CVIM?  CVIM is the non-profit foundation that supports the CVHS instrumental music program.  Every parent of our CV instrumental music students is automatically a part of CVIM.



We would like to invite everyone to our first CVIM meeting of the year on Tuesday, September 11 at 7 pm in the Music Room (Rm 3102).  ---  Come and hear important information about the CVHS Instrumental Music program's activities, announcements from Mr. Schick, and stay current with CVIM.  


Please join us!




Upcoming Dates


8/30/12:  Minimum Day

8/30/12:  MB - Marching practice: 4:00pm-6:30pm

8/30/12:  Back-to-School Night - MB Performing

8/31/12:  MB - Football game (away) at Santa Paula: Call time 5:00pm

9/3/12:    LABOR DAY - No School

9/4/12:    Banking Day - 0 Period starts @ 7:30am

9/4/12:    MB - Music practice: 3:15pm-4:30pm

9/5/12:    MB - Marching practice: 4:00pm-6:30pm

9/7/12:    MB - Football game (away) at San Marino: Call Time 5:30pm 

9/11/12:  CVIM meeting: 7:00pm in the Instrumental Music Room 



Check the online calendar at for more dates and detailed information.



Concert Corner 

The Brandenburg Project:  J.S. Bach
All six of the Bach Brandenburg concertos featuring a unique arrangement of instruments, which include antique recorders, harpsichord and piccolo trumpet.  

Friday, October 5, 2012

6:00 p.m.  Pre-Concert Lecture by Princeton University professor
7:00 p.m.  Performance  (Come early to get good seats)
Lake Avenue Church
393 North Lake Avenue
Pasadena, CA  91101

Tickets are FREE, and voluntary donations will be accepted.




This section is for upcoming community concerts and local concerts.  If you know of any, please e-mail me at   
Thank you.



*Augmented - raised, enlarged

**Affábile - Pleasing, Gentle

***Antecedents - The first phrase of a musical period. In the Fuge, the Subject