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Welcome to the March edition of Mango Matters. Spring has very definitely sprung here at Mango Towers as we launch not just one but two new services: a scan-on-demand service for our archive customers, and a 'Man and a Van' service for anybody moving house or office.  You can read more about them further down. And speaking of people on the move, this month I've been out in search of a new home for Mango as we've outgrown our current one. Spending all day zipping around with only the satnav to guide me certainly makes me appreciate our Same Day couriers! As usual, if you've any comments or want any more info on anything in this newsletter, just drop me an email at [email protected]


Best wishes
Daniel Levan-Harris
CEO and Co-Founder

Mango welcomes


We're very excited to welcome new clients, MPD, the interior architecture and design company.  MPD has an enviable client list, doubtlessly helped by Maurizio's previous work creating showrooms for Ralph Lauren with their work often featured in glossy interior design mags. So, where does Mango fit in? Well, MPD doesn't have any warehouse space, so we provide a complete managed storage and delivery service for them. This week, we'll be collecting various items that MPD has stored in our warehouse, then zipping them across to a top London location for a two-day photoshoot. We'll let you know if we pick up any design tips along the way!


Mango clients avoid fuel charge hike


As the cost of oil and jet fuel continues to rise, the surcharge that major airlines add to their price is also increasing. But what does it mean for the cost of sending packages with Mango International? Nipper explains: "At the moment, Mango customers pay a 12% fuel surcharge for sending international packages.  Although the cost to us has increased, for now we've taken the decision not to raise prices and will continue monitoring the situation over the coming months ."


Calling all archivers: new scan-on-demand service


This month we launched our brand new scan-on-demand service for our archiving customers. Now, if you need to access a document that you've archived with us, we can find it, scan it and make it available for you to view online via a secure login.  Ian said: "We've been wanting to introduce this service for a long time. Office space is always at a premium so businesses want to archive as much of their paperwork as possible. This scan-on-demand service means they can archive even more documents. If they need something, we can send them the scan in as little as four hours."  For more information visit
'Man(go) and a Van': new service


Sometimes the simplest of ideas make life much easier. Now, if you have lots of things to move, we can help thanks to our new 'Man & Van' service. We send one (or two if you need them) of our Mango people round to carry everything out to the van, drive it to your destination, then unpack it all for you as well.  It's a simple addition to our other services but one we know our customers will find really helpful.  For more information or to book, please go to


Mango favourites


When it comes to spring cleaning there's only one person we'd turn to for advice: Mess Goddess, Tania Mellis. The Mess Goddess has a huge (and very neatly packed!) toolbox of techniques and systems to help people eliminate chaos and introduce control into their homes and offices. Here's her top tip for bringing unruly email inboxes into order:

"At the end of your working day, spend five minutes deleting emails and setting up folders. It makes it much easier to find things and will make you feel far more in control when you open it the next morning."
For some more brilliant tips, take a look at her website


Mango People

This issue, Mango Matters talks post rooms, music and dead bodies with Vernon, Mango International CEO and Co-Founder. Vernon


How long have you worked in the courier industry?
Let's just say that when I started there was no online booking and a lot of paper was used!


How did you get into the business?
My first ever job was in a post room and during the early part of my career I worked for various companies - combining that knowledge with purchase management, facilities, freight and import/export knowhow. Eventually I took the plunge and moved to a small courier company to start up an Overnight and International Courier division. That was how I met Daniel, my business partner here at Mango. The two of us started Onflight Couriers, now trading as Mango International.


What would you say has made the company successful?
The feedback I get from customers is that they appreciate us being here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week because it means we're always on hand to give them sound advice. Our main ethos is to answer the phone in 3 rings and pride ourselves on being there at the other end of the phone and not just passing our customers over to an automated service like so many companies do these days.


What's the strangest courier request you've received from a client?
It's slightly morbid, but I once received an enquiry to find out whether we imported corpses!
Everyone's a music fan in the Mango office, what do you like listening to?
I love all types, although I'm really into anything soulful: jazz, Motown classics or other funky stuff. 
Any message you'd like to give to your clients?
This winter we've seen some truly dreadful weather both in the UK and all over the world.   We re-route wherever possible, but bad weather invariably brings delays so I'd really just like to say thanks to all Mango clients for bearing with us and also to all the staff for their quick thinking.

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Mango pips
Did you know that last year the most popular courier destination for Mango International clients was the USA? We made 23% of our deliveries there in 2010 with a third going to New York alone.
Top Tip: As well as Next Day deliveries to New York, we can also get your package there on the same day!
Call 0845 274 4444 and speak to one of the guys about our international Same Day couriers.




Storage Box
Good to know
Having spent most of his career in postal and courier services, Mango's Vernon is well-versed in the art of packing and sending boxes.
Click here to read Vernon's step by step guide how to pack a perfect box.





- Mango Music 


For this issue's competition we want some courier or storage related songs to add to our office playlists.  So far we've got 'Wait a minute Mr Postman' and 'Return to sender'. If you can do better (surely!) then  click here to send in your idea. We'll pick an entry at random to win a big bottle of champagne.  


Congratulations go to last issue's competition winner Adrian Cohen from Sterlings, who's joke you can read if you go to our blog