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                                                                     March 2010- Vol 2, Issue 1
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How your employees can learn police work
Keep track of your area's safety
Upcoming road work affects a truck route
Join Mayor Enslow for coffee
Business in the Community
Road Work Alert for 24th Street
The Union Pacific Railroad will be performing crossing repairs that will close 24th Street at the crossing between 136th Ave. and 138th Ave. This closure will be from Wednesday, March 17, at 6 am through Friday, March 19, at 5 pm. 
Avoid delays by taking an alternate route during this time.  Businesses west of 136th can access Highway 167 normally.  Businesses east and south of 138th temporarily need an alternate route.  Click here for a street map that indicates all available truck routes. 
For additional information, contact RoadSafe Traffic Systems at 775-828-3433. 
Your employees can take our car for a spin
Citizens Academy  
Do you or any of your employees wonder what it's like to drive a police car?  Or attend weapons training?  Or search for a suspect?  The Police Department's Citizens Academy is free and open to anyone who works in Sumner.  It gives you an indepth look at many aspects of law enforcement.  This is no ordinary class! 
Speaking of safety...
A good way to help your business stay safe is to know what's going on around you.  The best way to keep tabs is to attend STOMP and talk to police and your neighboring businesses.  The next best thing between meetings is to check crime reports online.  You can view the map to see what has happened around your location recently, and you can even sign up to receive reports by e-mail!
Coming up later this spring
Traffic & Main Intersection
The good news is that the intersection of Traffic, Fryar and Main is getting a much needed overhaul. The bad news is that the construction will start late this spring, and it will impact your travel through the intersection. 
Although we are asking the contractors to keep access open through the intersection during daytime hours, we expect the road work will cause short to moderate delays.  Please save your business the extra time and frustration and instead of trying to use the intersection, use the 24th Street Interchange instead.  Even for businesses farther south in Sumner, this will be much easier during road work.
Work is expected to start in late May and run for four to five months.  We'll have more information about the improvements in the next issue.  In the meantime, if you need to review the other truck routes available, you can click through to a map.   
Coffee with Mayor Enslow
Coffee Mug 
How's it going in Sumner?  Join Mayor Enslow for some coffee talk! 
April 24 at 9 am, in City Hall
There's no formal agenda; just ask questions or share what's on your mind. 
Sumner Businesses in the Community
Remember around the holidays how we featured Sumner businesses sharing food and items with the community?  We received one more example.  JCPenney's store support center held a food drive to benefit FISH food bank (with a location here in Sumner).  About 200 associates collected 1267 items and $20 in cash. HR Manager Melissa Wareham wrote, "Our Receiving/Premark Department brought in 372 items."  Way to go!