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City of Sumner's Flood Protection Update
March 2009- Vol 1, Issue 1
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Stay informed for flood protection in Sumner
Flooding will always be a threat in Sumner.  There are some things we can do together to help minimize the impact of floods on residents and businesses. This e-newsletter will help keep you informed on the progress of these efforts plus offer suggestions and tools for things you can do to stay safe and be as resilient as possible when waters do rise. 
Grant request makes progress
The City of Sumner applied to Pierce County's Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program for $200,000.  This would help fund a portion of the flood wall in Rainier Manor, the only neighborhood that met the CDBG criteria. 
Good news!  The Citizens Advisory Board recommended that Sumner's receive $196,058 as part of their 2009 proposed use of  HUD dollars for Public Facilities. This is a preliminary recommendation, so we don't have money yet, but it's good that our project advanced to the next step. 
We're hoping that if we get this funding, it will jump start more opportunities to completely fund the wall.  The City has submitted other proposals to Congress and the State for funding.
The next step is the Citizen Advisory Board's Public Hearing for the Final Funding Recommendations.  This means that citizens (like you) can go and listen and even comment.  The meeting is April 1, 6 pm, at 3602 Pacific Avenue Tacoma, WA 98418, Sound View Conference Room 1.  The building is a little hard to find: it's located between the Health Department and the hospital off Pacific Avenue.  The conference room is downstairs.
Resolution to recommend dredging
On the agenda for the April 6, the City Council will vote on a resolution recommending that the Puyallup River be dredged.  The issue of dredging has become a tough one in past years with the many agencies involved in the river frowning on dredging for a number of reasons.  However, Mayor Dave Enslow and several city councilmembers wanted the formal resolution to show that the City of Sumner feels it's still a viable and much needed option.  The resolution alone won't get the machines out in the river, but it does show important support from our city.   
North end floods not forgotten
In January, Sumner really experienced two floods when the Puyallup River started receeding and the White River began to spill over its banks, affecting many businesses.  Although the Army Corps of Engineers released the same amount of water from Mud Mountain Dam as they had in 2006, it was obvious that something in the river changed.  Many businesses were threatened; most of the golf course went under water, including the clubhouse; and Stewart Road remained closed and underwater for days.  Right after it happened, the Army Corps of Engineers was great very responsive to questions and comments.  Since then, we've heard little from the Corps, but we'll keep reminding them to not forget about Sumner!