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March   2012  Newsletter

Director's Update


Judy Newman

Judy Newman

Museum Director

Already the slow months of the winter are being shaken off and we are being catapulted into a exciting spring and summer.

Look to the side bar on the right for the Calendar of Events. Here we are listing what we have planned in the future and as we get closer to each of those dates we will be expanding on the details. Remember to read your newsletter each month!


We will be holding two youth WAAAM Camp sessions this year. June 25th - 28th  for the  8-12 year olds and August 13th -16th for the teen group ages 13 -16. 

Cost is $110 per student. 
Sign ups are through the Hood River Community Education Program at this link WAAAM CAMP INFO


Model T Driving School is scheduled once again!  Three days are on the calendar this year and each day will be filled with history, mechanics and  driving. Limited class space.

Email Donna@waaamuseum.org for more information and fees.

Mark your calendar. (a great Mother's or Father's Day gift)

June 23, July 28 and August 25 


The Museum has gathered together an Auto Advisory Board whose focus will be reviewing the car collection as it stands today and determining what vehicles fit best to further the museums' mission of living history, education and preservation.This board will be making some very tough decisions on what stays or is traded out. Lucky for WAAAM, the owners that have autos on display and the ones wishing to display their amaizing modes of transportation here, have the best interest of the museum at heart.

In keeping with the mission that this is a living museum the artifacts on display can and will change from time to time . New donated cars and planes have spurred the need to reorganize what is on display. 


We have a great cross section of "Americana", and the visitors to the museum are thrilled with the memories they inspire and the fact that we now have so many different manufactures to display truly shows the history of the life of early transportation.


WAAAM is wonderful because you care, thank you for being a part of it.


Clear skies to you all,

Judy Newman 






"We have become a society of destinations, not journeys".

Mike McGuire, WAAAM Volunteer



How true. When was the last time you took the car out for a drive simply to experience its feel in the drivers seat, or the motorcycle just to feel the road, or the plane to feel the air under the wing...no intention of getting to some place?


McGuire  further suggests that if you have any of the symptoms mentioned above, you might be an enthusiast. 


See that motorcycle "flying" its sidecar? Why is he doing this? Because he can.  This point was made visceral at the March Second Saturday event. Vernon Wade of Adventure Sidecar LLC provided  demonstrations and free rides in the sidecar. Vernon has made a business out of teaching people driver safety with the sidecar. A local resident of Odell, you can checkout how to expand your fun in  the journey by visiting http://adventuresidecar.com


  FlyBy News


We were visiting WAAAM recently and love your museum. The museum brought back many treasured family memories. Grandma saw the Stearman , which reminded her of her father working at the Ontario Oregon airport as the chief mechanic. She remembers the "planes with the engines on the outside", and how Grandpa used to work on repairing and maintaining the planes for the Army training pilots in the early 1940's.


Stearman engine
"Round Engine"

One great memory is of how Grandpa, Harold Warren, obtained his pilots license. He often taxied the planes to test the engines and such, but never actually flew them. One day Norm Taylor and Grandpa took a Stearman PT13 to Baker City. Upon arrival in Baker City, Norm announced that they were picking up another airplane to take back to Ontario. Harold was not certain how they were going to get both planes back, but Norm had his own idea. "You will fly the Stearman, Harold." he said. "But I am not a pilot!" Grandpa objected. Norm assured him, "it would be fine, you know this plane and how to fly it". So into the Stearman he went and up in the air. Grandpa followed Norm over the mountain and landed safely in Ontario. Upon arrival at the hanger, Norm presented Grandpa with his pilots license! I bet there are a lot of pilots today that would like to get their license in such a short time.


The memories didn't stop at the airplanes. Grandpa spent 65 years as a mechanic. In that time he worked on airplanes, Model A's, Model T's and every vehicle with wheels until his retirement in the mid 1970's.   His experience with airplanes was always evident, as even his home built garden cart had Piper Cub tires.


Grandpa would have loved WAAAM. Thank you for the memories.


Charlie Lubbers, Corvallis OR







Antique Firetrucks ~ Start Your Engines


The Museum's collection of antique Firetrucks is the focus of this Months Second Saturday activities. What else will get warmed up and running? Come on over and see what is moving!



 Museum is open 9-5

Second Saturday special events  10-2

Lunch is served  in Hangar M2  from  11-1:30


See you soon!  

Education at the Museum


Working Model Four Cylinder Engine Project 


On March 22nd WAAAM was presented with a new display--a working model engine--.The engine was built for WAAAM by museum members Roy Pettit and his friends Erick (12) and Jack (9)Siekkinen, as a learning project on how engines work.

April newsletter 3 education
Erik & Jack Siekkinen build
model of 4 cylinder engine..


Erik and Jack were excited to make the presentation personally to Judy and Donna.  The engine is a detailed working model of a four cylinder, internal combustion, overhead cam, water cooled, carburetor engine, made out of clear plastic so you can see how all the parts work together to produce power.


Moving or operating parts include; crankshaft, pistons,valves and valve train with cams and valve springs, timing belt, and head gasket. There is even a spark distributor that has to be timed so that it can be disassembled if necessary.  It is lubricated with silicon grease at friction points.Excluding the display stand, the engine took about 6-8 hours for Erik and Jack to assemble over a two-day period.  Instructor Roy Pettit summarizes the experience ..."I made them sand off flashing, study the parts, and take a lunch break, so the kit can probably be built in less time. 

This engine is representative of 4-cylinder automobile and tractor engines used in the 50's,60's, and 70's.  In fact, it's almost identical to the engine in an MGB they I owned for 14 years." If you owned a foreign car during this period, you probably had an engine like this model.  


WAAAM is considering holding a class in the future in which a youth/adult team would build an engine,  if it can be purchased at a reasonable price or obtain an educational donation to help defer costs.


This report submitted by Volunteer Member Roy Pettit. 

Car Corner   


The planning phase of the WAAAM Traffic Jam has taken a quantum leap forward thanks to the timely arrival of Glenn Whitcomb to the scene.   Assuming the role of Chief Volunteer Organizer for this inaugural event, Glenn explains how it all came about.  


Teaching the Model T and the safefy equipment needed
These folks are ready for the Traffic Jam!

 Returning with his family from a vacation to the Oregon coast to his Tri-Cities home, he thought it would be fun to stop in Hood River for a little 'antiquing'. The highway sign for Antique Aeroplane and Automobile Museum caught his eye. Glenn is an antique auto enthusiast and collector.


"I pulled into the parking lot at 4:30 and walked out at 7:30PM! I was blown away by the collection. Donna Davidson told me about the plans for a major car event and I have a background in promoting that type of event. I was hooked."


At this writing the basic structure of the event is a two day experience. Late afrenoon Friday October 12th is early registration for vehicles and an evening entertainment event for signed up participants at WAAAM.  Envisioned is a Drive-In movie experience complete with outdoor projection movie and popcorn. Currently  in the idea stage-- a cruise-in through downtown Hood River in conjunction with a supporting restaurant .


Saturday is the event day. Cars, Food, Fun, Games and more Cars! Already just over 200 owners have put this event on their calendar.


Registration for participating vehicles and people in them is just $25 and this include the museum admission. We will keep you posted on everything as it takes shape here in the newsletter.


Dry camping privileges on the grounds with your vehicle is also available.


Sponsors are needed for the trophies. Vendors for the vendor booth spots. Volunteers to man the entertainment and educational activities for children. Ticket takers and wrist band applicators. Food servers. Traffic controllers. Promotion work. Marketing.

Glenn is ready for interested volunteers to make themselves known. He can be reached via e-mail to rcman1998@yahoo.com


Decisions about categories of judging will trend to the 'just for fun' side of car shows. A non-traditional format from the outset, the Traffic Jam is open to both antique and vintage vehicles of 30 years and older, four wheels , three or two.  Glenn would like to see some pick-up trucks show  with their vintage campers mounted.


A passion for the internal combustion engine is the only pre-requisite.

In keeping with the WAAAM motto--everything rides, flys, and drives--this automobile event will appeal to folks who love to "Keep'em Running"! 


Graphic Artist Creates for WAAAM



Los Angeles' loss was Hood River's gain when graphic artist Paul Antunes relocated to the Gorge two years ago.


Paul was just helping his girlfriend Robin Allen and her mother Cindy Allen move to Hood River to open a vintage clothing store called That's Swank.  As often happens with creative free spirits who come here, he never left. The life-style change from Los Angeles to Hood River is one Paul describes fondly as  'small town moments'... "In Los Angeles you live in anonymity. Here, you recognize someone in the grocery store and you stop and say Hi."


Paul Antunes 2012-04
Graphic Artist Paul Antunes creates labels for WAAAM Wines.

 Paul's love of antique vehicles drew him to WAAAM. He has a restoration project of his own, a 1949 Mercury 4 Door, he refers to as  "the Baby". Impressed with the Museum and responding to its need for a print graphic artist Paul offered his skills to design the 2012 Fly-In poster where this year's event marks the 5th year since the opening of WAAAM but also the 75th year since the debut of the Piper Cub, and early standard tail dragger trainer for General Aviation. WAAAM has an extensive collection of Piper Cubs, so the theme for 2012 is focused on this beloved airplane.


For inspiration and focal point, Paul adapted an image of the Piper Cub taken from a 1943 training manual. Mount Hood is incorporated into the background. The result is a truly beautiful and moving work of graphic art.


The poster is a departure for WAAAM from its traditional photo graphic content and represents a departure for Paul Antunes as well, coming from a professional background in television media graphics.


Antunes is busy designing the poster for the October 13th car event titled WAAAM Traffic Jam.  The first ever antique and vintage automobile event held to benefit the museum. He has also volunteered to help man the WAAAM booth at the Portland Swap Meet April 13,14,15 which will promote the WAAAM Traffic Jam.


Impressed with Paul's talents, director Judy Newman has asked him to help with the design of the wine labels for the custom private labeled wine the museum intends to sell through the gift shop. This project is in progress and hopefully completed by Fly-In time.



In a short space of time Paul has contributed much to this museum. As Assistant Director Donna Davidson explains, " He has given something we vitally needed. His artistic talents in graphic design have communicated to the public what WAAAM is about in a new way."


If you like what Paul  has done for the museum  you may contact him via Thats-Swank.com web site for your graphic media project needs.




A SPECIAL NOTE OF THANKS! .....  to  Cindy and Robin Allen, co-owners of  Thats Swank, an on-line vintage clothing store in Hood River, for their recent donation of much needed mannequins for the women in aviation displays. 

Newsletter News
This news letter welcomes your submission of photos and stories as well as suggestions of what you like to see or read about in future issues.  

Of special interest, photos taken at the museum. You may send them to Volunteer Susan Tunno who has taken on the job of creating the newsletter content each month.

Her e-mail is susantunno@gmail.com

Attached files of photos or graphics must not exceed 2.25KB, so please keep file size as small as possible.

Susan has observed some visitors taking pictures for many hours and returning many times to take more. She anticipates there are some great shots out there!

Issue 3 - 2012
Director Update
Second Saturday
Car Corner
Volunteer Spotlight
April 14
Second Saturday:
Antique Fire Trucks and Trucks
May 12
Second Saturday:
Military: Jeeps, Planes, 
Plus Boeing 40 Flys at 11a


May 19th & 20th
Pear & Wine  Fest


June 9
Second Saturday:
Radio Controled Planes and Cars Demonstration


June 23
Model T Driving School 9am-3pm includes lunch


June 25- 28
 WAAAM Camp ages 8-12
Aviation camp for kids


July 14th
Second Saturday:
Steam Cars, Hit and miss engines, Women in Aviation and Happy Birthday to Amelia Earhart


July 28
Model T Driving School 9am-3pm includes lunch


August  11
Second Saturday:
Motorcycles... A rally


August 13-16
WAAAM Camp ages 13-16
Aviation camp for teens


August 25
Model T Driving School
9am-3pm includes lunch


September 8th & 9th
Second Saturday.. and Sunday too! 
Annual Hood River Fly - In


October  12th & 13th
Second Saturday: 
WAAAM Traffic Jam-
The Car Event 

2012 Fly-In Poster

 Print it off , hand it out and  "Help Spread the Word" 

Designed by Hood River graphic artist and WAAAM Volunteer Paul Antunes

What an amazing place! Thank you!
 The Zullos,
Los Angeles, Ca.

So glad we stopped while on our road trip from Illinois!
Wonderful collection!

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Pease contact:  
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