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February  2012  Newsletter


Judy 12/23
WAAAM Director
Judy Newman.


This year, 2012, is going to be fantastic. It marks our fifth year and we are going to have a celebration birthday at the

Fly-In,  which was our grand opening event in 2007.  


The museum has grown by leaps and bounds since that date thanks to a group of dedicated volunteers.


Because of our Volunteers, we have been able to stay open daily  from 9 to 5 except for three holidays. They have done everything from washing the floors to creating displays to managing the Fly-In.


Now its time to plan the next five year period!


What we are in need of at this juncture are ideas for fundraising to support the museum and I welcome your thoughts and suggestions.


Please send your ideas to WAAAM via  Museum Coordinator Ken Olsson ken@waaamuseum.org.


Clear skys to you all,

Judy Newman





Since construction on the first WAAAM hangar began in 2007 our sign at Tucker Road has been the same sign that was erected during construction.  


In 2012, the  fifth year open to the public, the major project is to replace that construction sign with a permanent museum quality sign.

Existing museum entrance sign


Museum Coordinator Ken Olsson explains "the design of a sign speaks volumes about the organization behind it. 


We'd like to hear your suggestions." 


A few thing to bear in mind...


New Sign Guidelines:

  • The sign should not be modern in style or appearance. 
  •  It should call to mind one or more of the eras of the museum collection: the 1st half of the 1900's, the Roaring 20's, Art Deco of 1930's, war years 1940's, post-WWII modern era.
  • Airplanes & Automobiles must be represented
  • It should evoke a feeling about the museum
  • It should be simple, uncluttered & recognizable at a 40 mph glance.
  • Fund raising ideas for the project welcomed
  • Sign Project completion wanted by Fly-in 2012


Send your ideas, concepts, suggestions to
Ken Olsson Museum Coordinator , ken@waaamuseum.org by February 21.



The restoration shop at the museum is currently working on an exciting piece of aviation history. The original prototype working model of the Stearman Kaydet Model 70 built in 1934.


Tom Murphy restores the
 Stearman Model 70, 
assistant observes.

Tom Murphy, Director of Restorations is particularly excited to be working on this project.  


"I have always loved Stearman aircraft and it is such a joy to be restoring the original prototype to its original condition".



Only one was ever built, and WAAAM has the one!


There is quite a story of how this acquisition came about and its significance in general aviation history.


The Fly-By column will follow this story in subsequent newsletter installments.  This section will also keep readers informed of aviation related news at the museum. 




Valentines Day is close at hand. 

Bring your sweetheart for a romantic

trip down memory lane.


An indoor stroll through our two acres of vintage cars and planes will conjure fond and romantic memories. 


Museum open 9-5

Second Saturday special events  10-2

Lunch is served  in Hangar M2  11-1

Feburary is all about engines, come hear what makes each of them different. Quite a  collection!


Good weather will bring out a few treasures.

Stop by to See and Learn




The museum library is nearly completed.  A work in progress, the functional layout of the library space is clearly visible thanks to several volunteers' two year labor of love.


A love of books and all things library attracted two local librarians to this project when the local Hood River Library closed due to lack of funding.


Deanna Wagoner tells her  story ..."When the library closed all of us library supporters and volunteers continued to meet for lunch and the subject of the WAAAM library was mentioned". Deanna has been at it about a year now.


Volunteer Sue Boulmann had already spent the previous year organizing library donation materials in the space it was designed for on the second floor. 


And director Judy Newman's mother Bonnita Brandt has  donated the handsome library shelving.  Materials brought in were stored in boxes and rapidly filled  the room.


Enter two idle library volunteers who can't keep their hands off the page.  "I like it in my hand" says Sue Jenkin, another library volunteer inducted into service by friend Deanna.

Deanna Wagoner & Sue Jenkin pose in the library


Pictured are Sue and Deanna just finishing up the periodicals section. Sue expressed a fondness for the vintage periodicals, some of which are very old.


Deanna and Sue share the passion of those who believe the printed word can never be fully displaced by modern media.


However, one concession to the new age will be an electronic file of the library inventory to be created by Volunteer Dave Bradley.


The books are  now arranged with automobile section, aviation divided into general and military, and a small but growing collection of HDS,DVD and cassette tapes.


The library is envisioned as a natural compliment to the airplanes and autos on display in the museum.  It will function as a research library, a benefit to  WAAAM Members,  and  a resource for Volunteers.




Welcome to Car Corner. This column will regularly report on all news and activity concerning the automobile, motorcycle and steam engine vehicles at the museum.


Currently there are 129 autos, 31 motor cycles, 10  jeeps, and 5 tractors. The inventory on display changes often  and the vehicles selected for Second Saturday spins around the back field area change with the season and weather conditions.


Antique car collectors of all types will find  quick updates of museum news in their field of interest.


1899 Locomobile Steam Car

The Museum's arrangement of vehicles is changing. The NE corner of M1 is now dedicated to the steam engine collection which is comprised of a Taylor Altman tractor, a Stanley Steamer, the White Steam car, and the Locomobile 1899. The tractor collection moved to M2.


As mentioned in the January issue, WAAAM is working on developing an annual vehicle  related event for drivers and riders  as a complementary component to the annual fly-in for aviators.  Volunteer Donna Davidson is developing this event and welcomes your input. Contact her at donna@waaamuseum.org




Education is a vital component of this museum's mission statement. New educational opportunities continue to be developed, devoted to the sphere referred to as 'the golden age of transportation'.


This month WAAAM  has created a  new Volunteer Opportunity. First, a bit of aviation history.


In 1901 the Wright Brothers were dissatisfied with the way their gliders were flying. At the end of the season they returned to their bicycle shop in Dayton, Ohio and built a wind tunnel out of soap crate and their workshop's vent fan.  They then did a long series of experiments that challenged what 'everybody knows'.


WAAAM is building an operating replica of that wind tunnel which would be used as a hands on educational tool at WAAAM Camp and aviation demonstrations in the museum.  The wind tunnel's woodwork is complete and it's ready for fabrication of the metal fan shroud, which has prompted the call for a volunteer 'tin knocker'.  


Tin Knocker Wanted


WAAAM is providing the material, tools, drawings and photos. Willing Tin Knockers please contact Ken Olsson at ken@waaamuseum.org or call 541-399-6138.



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"Your museum rivals the Smithsonian" 
"What an incredible gathering of historic machines. Your museum rivals the Smithsonian in my opinion. Thanks so much for keeping history alive and passing it on."
- August 15,2011

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